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Did you notice battery/range issues over time ?
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Author:  cctop [ Fri Jan 04, 2019 3:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Did you notice battery/range issues over time ?

Deschodt wrote:
It's been so good and so cheap ($140/mo lease is less than gas alone on my regular car) I *considered* actually buying it out. But the killer is the combo of the super expensive insurance and that battery drop, with a touch of "I got the low end model with zero frills". (the car costs 50% more to insure than my 911, despite being worth 1/4 of it - no joke - says it's new tech and expensive to repair)

Think I'll go back to a used gas powered beater for a couple of years and revisit when the gorgeous Audi GT appears or if VW actually pulls the trigger on something nice. I've enjoyed it.

Deschodt, you nailed my feelings exactly.

My 2016 SE lease ends in about a week, and I've flip-flopped about buying it out. (There's a third option of extending the lease 6 months if you call VW Credit directly, but it doesn't make financial sense for me since I'll need to pay for registration, the 36-month service, and a new tire.)

The range meets my needs right now, but not if the battery degrades to 75-80%.

If I had a fast charger I'd seriously consider keeping it. Instead I've decided to return it and go back to gas for a year or two and see what the electric options are then.

I was hoping that by now there'd be a greater selection of long-range vehicles to choose from.

Author:  formerdieselrumbler [ Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Did you notice battery/range issues over time ?

2015 SEL here, purchased April 2015. 69,4xx miles on the odometer and definitely seeing battery degradation.

The Guess-o-meter has indicated as high as 117 for me in the first and second summer I had the car. The lowest I've seen this winter is 63 on a full charge (winter around -5C). I used to be able to make it to work and back home (54 miles round trip) in cold weather with the low battery warning just barely coming on before I arrive home. Now I don't dare in the cold weather. Of course, I also can no longer pre-heat the car because I lost my access to car-net. Fortunately, my employer installed a level 2 charger so I can drive home on a full charge now. I'd probably have to stop at a level 3 charger on the way home if something prevents me from charging at work. Could really cause problems if I had to pick up a sick kid early from school since that's another 10 miles past my house from work.

I still love the car, but don't know what I'm going to do with in the next year or two when I can only drive it 50 miles in the summer. That's really going to limit where I can drive it since L2/L3 public charging infrastructure is really not developed fully around my parts.

There is no doubt I'll hit the 100,000 mile mark before 10 years pass. I'll probably hit it in about 18 months. What's the magical kWh threshold for 70%? I believe the battery is 24.3 kWh, but I've seen others online saying something about a net limit instead of the advertised limit. Does anyone know what that limit is?

Author:  f1geek [ Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Did you notice battery/range issues over time ?

The GOM range is heavily dependent on driving style and HVAC usage, so your data is not very objective. Might you be able to tell us how many kWh it takes to charge from 10% SoC to 100% SoC? I’m sure your car’s pack has degraded but the GOM won’t help to accurately quantity capacity loss because of all the variables such as ambient temp, tire age, wind speed, driving style, etc.

The VW pack warranty is for 70% NET capacity. This is the usable capacity of your 24.2 kWh pack. New, I believe the pack had about 21.5 kWh usable energy content. You can read in this forum how to calculate usable pack capacity. Also, the pack capacity varies with pack temperature, with less usable energy available at temperatures significantly below 25 C. At -5C the available energy will be much less than at 25C.

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