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Infotainment Glitches 2 Days in a row
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Author:  msvphoto [ Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Infotainment Glitches 2 Days in a row

Our car is a 2015 SEL that has been mostly perfect thus far and is closing in on 43k miles. We have had two infotainment system glitches in the past two days. One possible coincidence is I began using the (plugged in) climate control preconditioning for the first time the past two mornings before my wife drove me to work.

Yesterday morning the Menu button on the Climate Control knob (to get to the electric windshield defrost soft button) was not working. A quick power off and back on (at a stop sign) did not reset the function, but a longer rest between off and back on did fix that.

This morning my wife turned off the car when she dropped me off at work. After she turned the car on to leave she was unable to change radio stations and her phone didn't pair. Again a quick power reset did nothing, but a power reset with longer off time fixed the problem.

I'll measure voltage on the 12v battery tonight, but last I checked a few weeks back it was reading over 12.6vdc with the car off which is fully charged.

Is this a sign of the infotainment system beginning to fail? Could the preconditioning through CarNet be a factor? Anyone else experience these types of glitches and, if so, what was the cure?

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