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UK e-Golf – orders open, priced at £25,845

On March 11th, Volkswagen UK announced that the order books were open for the electric Golf. The e-Golf is priced at £25,845 after the £5,000 Government grant.

The e-Golf can be charged from a household outlet in around 13 hours, or with an optional ‘wallbox’, charging time is around 8 hours. Currently, the wallbox is available at no cost through British Gas. Using the Volkswagen e-Golf’s combined charging system and a DC quick charge supply, 80% charge capacity can be achieved in 35 minutes. Continue reading

2015 VW e-Golf debuts at LA Auto Show

On November 21st, the Volkswagen e-Golf made its US debut at the LA Auto Show. Volkswagen didn’t reveal any new details, or pricing information like we had hoped for, they mostly restated info we had learned in the pre-show press release from last week.

The specs we have on the e-Golf is an electric range of around 80 miles. Volkswagen says the electric Golf is good for 118 miles, but that’s on the more lenient NEDC test cycle, so 80 miles is the estimate on the US EPA test cycle. Continue reading