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Re: Android, car-net stopped working after update

eeedub wrote:So an update with not much of an update. Charging and climate functions work, but I need to force the app/ car to communicate by pressing the start charge or start climate buttons on the app, otherwise it doesn't show battery or current climate information (which is a bit annoying) The "update" button on the main screen doesnt seem to do anything, it looks like its working for a minute but doesnt actually pull any info from the car. So basically its usable but not working as I think it should. Hopefully there is another update soon that fixes this.
95GLX wrote:but since it is a 2015, I still can't unlock it remotely but I am okay with that.
FYI the unlock function does/ did work with the 2015 models. Its one of those features that now requires the paid subscription, but I used it several times while that was included in the original trial.
Don't forget the web version can still do it.
But I also see exactly what you see, it's annoying but at least it works.

I did finally put my climate on Automatic (Off Battery No) and now I don't bother starting it up manually anymore.
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