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car net not working for 3 days

Anyone else having issues?
Only been using it 2 months.
It refuses to do anything, has made me log in again multiple times (resetting password etc) and just wont work.
Have emailed VW.
Website useless (Sorry this page is not available.
If only everything was as reliable as a Volkswagen.)
Very non plussed VW.

All I want to do is warm my car up a bit before driving in it!
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Re: car net not working for 3 days

Most likely, your Car-Net services will return to normal within a few days. Perhaps there are forum members who have suggestions whom to contact to expedite restoration of Car-Net services.

Car-Net service was out of service for my car for about a day, starting Sunday evening 11/18, ending Monday evening 11/19. I had a few days of Car-Net OOS maybe a year ago. My guess is that there's some cloud services glitch on the backend that can affect some segment of users, since I don't recall a time when everyone lost Car-Net at the same time.
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