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Vampire Drain Research from Recurrent

Hi e-Golf Community,

A few months ago, my colleague Jon posted here promising research and insights as grew, and I wanted to follow up with an article that does some preliminary investigations into the question of vampire drain: ... paign=myVW

We are still actively looking for e-golf drivers who want share their battery health data in exchange for monthly battery reports, but you do need an active subscription to Car-Net to enable our API. I know that's a deal breaker for a lot of you, but we are working on a way to incorporate data from non-subscribers, soon.

Drop a line with any questions and I hope you enjoy the first of many EV reports from us!

Liz @ Recurrent
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Re: Vampire Drain Research from Recurrent

No more car-net for me. I have left the car for weeks unused with no change in SoC. E-Golf does not phone home like a Tesla. Let’s call it “Dead Vampire Drain” for the e-Golf.
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