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The end of Car-Net connection Function

I got word that VW's Car-Net app shutdown for eGolfs on 02/22/22 with ATT's turning off 3G. This app was used for diagnostics on your eGolf, emergency communications (like On-Star) and it let you lock/unlock and do other remote operations with your eGolf (like check on the progress of a recharge). Going to VW's page,
  • It was confirmed
  • While other 2015-19 models are being supported, VW has no plans to continue support of eGolfs
  • Mojito Motion seems to offer a similar app/connection/service for $300 purchase
Anyone know anything about Mojito Motion?
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Re: The end of Car-Net connection Function

For Model Year 17-19 Volkswagen Vehicles
As of February 22, 2022, the VW Car-Net telematics system
will no longer function and the vehicle will no longer transmit
or receive telematics data through the Car-Net system.
However, Volkswagen has identified a technical solution that
will restore your vehicle’s connectivity by upgrading the
hardware in your vehicle. Once this service is complete, your
vehicle will have the ability to receive connected services,
however, an active VW Car-Net subscription will be required
to enjoy any of the connected vehicle features. Without an
active, paid subscription, Car-Net features will remain
Due to the industry-wide supply chain issues, the replacement
part required for this technology upgrade is anticipated to be
available at your local Volkswagen dealership in Fall 2022. We
will update this website when parts become available – so
check back periodically. Once the part becomes available,
please confirm parts and labor costs with your local
Volkswagen dealer before scheduling your repair. ... 3G-FAQ.pdf
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