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Re: I damaged my car

E-Golf was not sold as new in Georgia but I have not had any issue with service at two Atlanta area VW dealerships.

Now the main dealer I go to did tell me they only had 1 tech trained to work on E-Golf so if that person was not working they could not schedule service even if they had availability that day. Now I will say this was relayed to me well before the ID.4 started arriving so they may have many more techs trained for EV service now.

Thinking your dealer did not want to pony up the $$$ to send any of the techs for E-Golf training so it is entirely plausible they could not work on them. Who knows.
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Re: I damaged my car

I did get my car repaired last month, with Tuffy installing the two splash shield panels. The pair of panels cost me $483 from my local dealer.

I had damaged the center one when I drove over the hidden piece of concrete. When I was examining the car to figure out what was damaged, I discovered that the rear panel was also partially torn away. It was clear that this damage was old, done by a previous owner. It was not really bad, but I decided to replace both.

I wonder how many e-Golfs are on the road with damage to these panels. I guess it was hard to keep much ground clearance when they positioned the batteries down there.

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