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Well. Hello there! Help the noob! (please?)

Hello everybody! My name is Mike Nassour and this evening is the first time I seriously considered an e-Golf. And of course, I have about ten thousand questions on everything from what to avoid, to dealer competency, to battery replacement and maintenance.

But for the moment, I'll just ask if there's a particular section of the board for (complete) newbies like myself (new to electric, that is...NOT to VW), of if I should just start swinging away right here!

Thanks for everyone's help and I hope to get some valuable info here!
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Re: Well. Hello there! Help the noob! (please?)

I do not think this forum is active enough to have the section you suggested. What are your questions?
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Re: Well. Hello there! Help the noob! (please?)

Yes please specify the question.

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