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Re: How many days??? Idle without charging!!

Please be sure you don’t have the heat or A/C scheduled in a departure timer.
That’ll zap some serious juice while you’re gone.

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Re: How many days??? Idle without charging!!

Thought I'd post my recent experience with eGolf abandonment. I left my 2019 eGolf for six weeks, sitting in my garage while I was traveling overseas. It was charged to roughly 50%. When I got back it was good to go, as if I'd driven it yesterday. I've been home now for a few weeks, and I haven't noticed any difference in range or any other issues, and it still loves me.
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Re: How many days??? Idle without charging!!

JoulesThief wrote: Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:01 pm right after a fresh hot 7.2 kWh 2 to 3 hour recharge session.
OUCH! don't confuse kW & kWh. You mean to express charge power. Use kW
And for the answer to this main question, I learned from reading the OWNER MANUAL! It states 4 month limit. There's probably a curve that's not linear. So the discharging isn't a constant 1-2% every day.

p.s. I just went to find where it is shown so you don't wonder yourself. It's in the HV battery> -General info on HV battery> Charging for 1st time and charging after long standing periods.
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