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heater while charging

Hi winter driver, is it complicated to get heat while charging by using Energy Manager and Departure time? Only once so far has it worked. Well, that once was when I came back to car 4 hours later at the departure time. It was toasty inside and I felt heat only coming from the long vent on top of dashboard.
Other times I was in car testing it and set departure time 10 minutes from then with temperature in Emgr settings at 80F.
I read something in the Emgr section of car manual stated 85F was some cutoff. So this last time I set the temperature in Emgr settings to 86F. Who knows more about this?
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Re: heater while charging

I use pre-heating all the time. Give the car at least 30 minutes prior to departure time also, use at least a L2 connection so you don’t drain the battery.
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