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Anyone have backlash in their drivetrain? (motor mount?)

Sometimes after decelerating/regenerative braking, when get back on the throttle, there is a clunk feeling - like there's play/slop in the drivetrain when the parts are loaded from deceleration to acceleration. It's not violent, but noticeable. Feels like a bad motor mount.

If it were my MK4 TDI, I'd inspect the lower dogbone mount. I haven't done it yet on the eGolf (does the eGolf have a lower dogbone mount?)

I'd be worried there's issues with the gearbox with backlash or something, but there's no whine from the gears.

2019 eGolf with ~ 46K miles.

Anyone else experience this?
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Re: Anyone have backlash in their drivetrain? (motor mount?)

2019 SE here.

I occasionally get a clunk when in reverse, but I’ve never heard one when moving forward.
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