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Is there a trip odometer?

My 2019 e-Golf SE owner's manual says it has a trip odometer. It also tells how to use the "oo" button in the center of the dash to reset it. I noticed that the trip odometer displays for a VERY short time on start-up.
Can someone describe the steps to display the trip odometer? I'd like to be able to use it to gauge how many miles we're driving between charges. Right now, it's just showing the same as the odometer because I can't figure out how to display it so I can reset it.
And I'm not talking about the trip meter that shows miles and usage between startups. I'm talking about a trip odometer like most other cars have. Usually an "A" and "B" to track more than one trip.
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Re: Is there a trip odometer?

Here's a nice video for the trip meter.


You can also toggle the 8" touchscreen display to show your stats "Since Charge", which includes mi/kWh, distance traveled, etc.

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Re: Is there a trip odometer?

You can also reset the ‘extended period’ and ‘since start’ measurements in the trip computer by long holding the steering wheel select button. This is useful if you want your energy usage calculated for the same trip
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Re: Is there a trip odometer?

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
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Re: Is there a trip odometer?

Thanks for finding this little trick. I didn't seem to see this in the owner's manual for my 2019 e-Golf. Did I miss something, or is it simply not there?


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