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Chrome Trim Recall

Just received a letter from VW re: "Service Action 34L9 - Gear Shift Cover Trim": covers showing signs of peeling will be replaced by the dealer at no cost until January 2027. What would you know - mine is actually doing this (noticed the other day). Glad VW is stepping up and deciding to replace the entire gear cover chrome trim frame (as per letter).
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Re: Chrome Trim Recall

It has been lobbied for a long time to get this recall to happen. I have read accounts from owners who got chrome" slivers" under their finger nails.

We do not have this wear on our 2019. "Coupled with Sunlight wear." Primary culprit are people who wear jewelry on their right hand. OR also folks who have phones, lanyards with keys & other junk to rub on the console edge. Still the part should have been engineered more durable.
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