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Adding a reverse camera.

Hi there,

I just got my e-Golf (2018) last Tuesday as my first car and I really like it. Drives smoothly, I sit comfortably and it is just an overall joy.
My only gripe is the lack of a reverse camera and I'm not completely satisfied by settling with the park sensors.

What do you recommend to buy? Should I just get a cheap option or is it worth it to upgrade the logo on the back of the car to a reverse camera?

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Re: Adding a reverse camera.

I assume you are in Europe since all North American e-Golf cars had the backup camera included.

Personally, I would try to go for retrofitting the factory backup camera that's integrated into the rear logo/hatch release. However, I have no idea how much parts would cost or whether some kind of coding would be required. I'm assuming that the wiring is present.
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Re: Adding a reverse camera.

I can recommend HD eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera, I've heard a lot of reviews about it, a very nice thing

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