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    E-golf not taking air conditioning gas

    The air-conditioning stopped working, took it to Protyre who first took out 740 g of air-conditioning gas that was already in the car. 850g is the maximum the car takes. When they went to refill the car an error came saying that the car would not take the gas and they suspected a leak. They...
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    Aftermarket electronics packages

    Recently I’ve come across the following aftermarket electronics packages. Via Reddit: Via YouTube: (email:info@caraudiokent Via ten (transport evolved network) article on add-on driver...
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    FINAL SOFTWARE UPDATE for 2015 E-Golf?

    What is the last/most recent/ final update for the 2015 e-Golf? Here (attached) is what my system information screen shows for mine. Is it up to date? O is there a later release? Also, if there is a later release, how did you get your hands on it? Thank you for any help you give. -Tom
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    Charging port locking issues. Won't lock or unlock - FIX and BYPASS

    We previously owned a VW (Passat) and often went to a non-dealer service shop. I’m a bit fragile getting on my knees at this point and so when the solenoid fails utterly, I am thinking I will print off the helpful post that started this thread and see if the non-dealer service shop(s) Are...
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    Ownership Report on my 2015 e-Golf

    I think I read about the buffer when I was shopping for my used 2015 eGolf. And, the chatter on usable vs listed capacity was an estimated value (percentage or kWh) in the various sources.
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    Charging port locking issues. Won't lock or unlock - FIX and BYPASS

    I may be slow here since I don’t see where one can spray silicone to lubricate the solenoid as some have suggested. I’d like to see whether lubricating the solenoid will take care of us for the short term. We recently, with the Winter rains, started having the solenoid sticking: at first...
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    Need new tires...

    I recently replaced the OEM tires in time for this Winter. I went with Sailun’s ERANGE EV tires (they are low rolling resistance tires) for our Winter weather conditions (rainy season) and the particulars of the 2015 SEL eGOLF. So far, I’ve been very happy with the handling and the relative...
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    The end of Car-Net connection Function

    I got word that VW's Car-Net app shutdown for eGolfs on 02/22/22 with ATT's turning off 3G. This app was used for diagnostics on your eGolf, emergency communications (like On-Star) and it let you lock/unlock and do other remote operations with your eGolf (like check on the progress of a...
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    Bosch Icon wiper blades?

    The package may have been returned. I have found that return packages frequently do not include all the parts because someone that received it back doesn't know the parts are missing.
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    Torn leatherette seat

    I bought a 2015 SEL e-Golf. It too has some slightly torn "beige" leatherette seats. The developing tear in mine is in a section of the perforated portion of the butt of the seat. Is yours on the side? How does the replacement look to you now that you've had the work done?
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    Bosch Icon wiper blades?

    For 2015 eGolf, Correct. I bought the ICON 260E & 180E for the front, and A282H for the rear. My ICONs came with 4 different adapters or attachments. Use adapter/attachment #4.