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    New to me 2019 E-Golf 34k Miles

    I replaced my battery ($250), with the specified AGM non spillable type. But I cannot locate a dealer around Phx AZ who knows how to reprogram car. They say it's not possible. Did you make sure they really did? I lam asking because I get annoying messages from time to time about 12V bat...
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    E Golf 2017-Squeaking noise

    Yes, and I paid to have front caliper sliders greased. $75. That's not the fix. But I swear it did sqeak less. Other's in this thread have made some other attempts to stop it. So it might be we are stuck with it. However, I do believe on mine, it's the rear only. So maybe they should...
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    liftgate latch wont unlatch

    anyone had luck replacing the electronic latch release? I'm getting confused if P/N 5G6827505 ends in B or C matters with age of your VIN. at FCP euro they sell the P/N ending in B and say in support Email that it's for models after my VIN was made. they also have a china part that costs less...
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    UPDATE to my November post. Applecare did not know why, but my ver 14 stopped working. So by updating to ver 15 it fixed problem! That's not the first experience where apple OS & iOS versions build-in a self obsolete time point where something just stops working.
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    Departure time is ignored and starts charging immediately

    I love this guy. That is how the emgr works and the outside buttons. It's much easier to understand you than the manual, many flipping thru pages!!
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    Does e-golf have to be coded to a new 12v battery?

    I made it a few months and got tired of the "12v battery low" and other warnings. Since replacing the battery with a 70Ah AGM type, I did not get any coding done. So to stop the pesky messages I took it in to a used car dealer where I purchased it because their service dept said they could to...
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    Does e-golf have to be coded to a new 12v battery?

    I don't know why you know it's bad. Can you explain? I do agree that high amperage being drawn is never going to happen while being a eGolf battery. But does drawing that high current to jump start another's car really matter? I also own a used 2017 like f1geek, with what looks like original...
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    Hatch door stuck

    Come on folks, to be clear, this is about lifting by logo. The fob isn't involved. So, why isn't this forum locating anyone else with this? I found others on youtube showing how to replace the electronic latch mechanism. But I don't know if I need one. I found by putting a rod into latch...
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    High-voltage discharge while car is not used

    Hey I just thought of battery draining and this menu. Instead of SETUP, try looking in Energy Mgr. At top there's SETTINGS. In here, see if the box for CLIMATE...BATTERY is checked. I've seen this use 2 -3 kWh to heat in winter!
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    Circular marks on the rear (hatch) window

    Thanks snAKes, the video was really cool. I have been in an Intel factory, and for fear of copycats, they never allow any video to record the production processes. They call it intellectual property.
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    Hatch door stuck

    I can hear the release mechanism work when lifting the VW logo. But door stays latched. This only happens when the sun has been shining directly onto the hatch door. :roll: Anyone have this and what's the dealer say is the fix? Just an adjustment, or high cost part and labor? I did figure...
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    Oil Change Interval

    And I thought I over analyze! Geeze, leave the oil in there and just keep up with the Bi-annual brake fluid changes. THAT matters, you don't want to have to be replacing brake components that fail due to water corrosion pitting the surfaces. Basically oil and coolant are lifetime, no...
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    High-voltage discharge while car is not used

    Probably good plan because I hear some kind of coolant pump running frequently just sitting in car without power ON How to learn about the OBD reader? Is it obvious on menu of choices how to find SOC or HV volts?
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    so how does that work? they show 3 steps: select, order, ship does a non corporate shop work the best to have it installed? does the free road hazard really work? In my case I used a corporate shop and paid about $100 extra for hazard insure for a $600 set of [treadwear score 700] Yokohamas...
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    "Dramatic" reduction in cold weather range. Why?

    I have just recently tried to experiment to see what the heater draws. So i made the Emgr heat cabin from 70F to 80F while plugged into a L2 charge point after the car had charged fully. The charge point indicated 1.3kW demand. So if the resistance heater is rated to much more, I was not...
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    heater while charging

    I think the battery won't be used if you un-check the box in Emgr>Settings>use battery for climate
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    air conditioner and water drain

    Dealer said something about the drain doesn't end at a hose to the outside. I forget the specifics, but that it drains onto that thick felt mat covering bottom of car, so there won't be any dripping. Sounds weird but whatever.
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    Most efficient LRR tire to replace Ecopia 422

    It's great we are trying to use real world testing. However I wish you would have indicated if climate control was constant every time and what speed? And for the rest of our dear viewers, I think Mpulsiv means mi/kWh with his numbers. But good job in experimenting!
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    heater while charging

    Hi winter driver, is it complicated to get heat while charging by using Energy Manager and Departure time? Only once so far has it worked. Well, that once was when I came back to car 4 hours later at the departure time. It was toasty inside and I felt heat only coming from the long vent on...
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    How many days??? Idle without charging!!

    OUCH! don't confuse kW & kWh. You mean to express charge power. Use kW And for the answer to this main question, I learned from reading the OWNER MANUAL! It states 4 month limit. There's probably a curve that's not linear. So the discharging isn't a constant 1-2% every day. p.s. I just went...