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    Level 1 Charge Fail/Fault

    Happened recently to a friend (with a Volt). His 120V Level 1 charger wouldn't go, showed Red Fault LED. Turns out it was the receptacle, which was quite corroded. Ground was OK, though I suspected that could have been an issue. Replaced with a GFI receptacle; Fixed. Turn off breaker first...
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    2015 eGOLF charging question/issue

    Ignition does not (and probably SHOULD not) be on to charge the car.
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    2015 Battery Limits without the use of CarNet

    With my 2015 eGolf, which I've had since early 2106, the only way to adjust charge limits is with CarNET. After the 3 year free period, that expired so all the settings at the time remained and could not be adjusted. Since CarNET went away, that is permanent. So mine was set to 70%, with a...
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    verdict: best practice charging % max for battery longevity

    Is there a way to set 90% for the max charge WITHOUT programming a time-to-be-ready as well? If you select a charging regime which maxes at 90%, and then your CAR-NET subscription runs out, will it continue to use the last regime you set or charge as though none were set (i.e. charge to 100%)...