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    Miles put on my e-golf

    My power gauge stays full unless I get real low on power, its a commuter to San Jose and back from lathrop ca, l get to charge at work for free and then charge in my garage when l get home, forgot to mention I also put in a new 12 v battery about 6 months ago, once your 12 v battery gets low it...
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    Miles put on my e-golf

    The battery health is good, I see a little drop in miles per charge, what I notice more is I get less miles per charge, also tire air pressure I found to be important, if you notice miles dropping check your tire pressure, lt has to last 22 more months until l retire, that's about 70,000 more...
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    E-golf making loud noise

    Probably a front wheel bearing, happened to mine
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    Miles put on my e-golf

    Does anyone else have this kind of mileage on there e-golf? I just turned over 195,000 miles l have replaced 1 wheel bearing and the cabin blower motor, besides that it has ran perfect, it is a 2018