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    Most efficient LRR tire to replace Ecopia 422

    I got factory Ecopia in my '19 when I purchased it in mid 2019. But it turns out at 20K miles, my rears were warn out. And that was with multiple tire rotations. The tire shop person that I trust did say the Ecopia tires are "soft" and they wear out quick. And he recommended a different make...
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    Fleeting red ATTENTION popup - 2019 e-Golf SE

    I believe you are referring to a warning on the dash about an object detected by the front sensor as too close and the car is about to trigger the auto brake function. This is one of the blessings of the safety package on the SE.
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    homelink mirror install?

    Could someone confirm if the 2019 SE is prewired like the videos show and you simply have to disconnect the power cable from the factory mirror and install it in the new mirror or will we need to run power from the map lights or worse from the A panel? My 2019 SE mirror does not have auto day...
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    Both 2019 SE key fobs are not working

    Yes, i just changed out the batteries on both the fobs and everything is now working ok. It was just strange both fobs stopped working at the same time. Does the car give any warning as the fob battery gets weaker?
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    Both 2019 SE key fobs are not working

    All of sudden, both my key fobs are not registering in the car and i had to manually override by placing the key fob next to the steering column. This happened when i inadvertently placed one of my key fobs in my jacket on the back seat of the car and the car complained it could not locate a key...
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    Disappointing driving experience in 2019 e-Golf SE

    I am rather surprised to read your concern. My 2019 SE with factory tires has really good handling and I sense no such play in steering. The car rides crisp and I am at 11K miles now.
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    it's spring 2020...where are the SEs??

    The fact of the matter is the era of "reasonably" priced EV is over and done with. Going forward, we should all expect to pay market rates for the EV. Of course the federal tax rebate helps with purchase of some makes and models but as someone else said, the ultra low deals are not coming back.
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    Leasing 2019 SEL. Residual value?

    If I am reading the OP email correctly, you are getting the SEL for $31,500. I just looked up the MSRP of the SEL and it is around $39,000. This does not sound like a great deal considering some of us got the SE for $10,500 off MSRP. If anything, the SEL should have better discounts than the SE...
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    Inspection Due... 2,500 mi??

    In my case, my June 2019 purchased SE is showing inspection due in 26 days .. the countdown began a few days back at inspection due in 30 days. I have 7200 miles on my car.
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    Need to cancel Car-Net Subscription but keep the e-mobility features

    I actually called again and this time I spoke with an agent in their subscription dept and they were able to cancel the paid subscription and revert me down to the complimentary e-golf remote services. And the same account that I had during the trial still works and I see the remote battery...
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    Need to cancel Car-Net Subscription but keep the e-mobility features

    I recall seeing a separate section for car-net postings but I can't seem to find it on this forum site. Was that recently removed? My June 2019 purchased vehicle had a 6 month car-net trial. This trial is coming to an end in about three weeks so I called to cancel the car-net subscription but...
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    Why spend over $600 for L2 chargers if $275 Tesla Connector is fine?

    I thought the big difference was Teslas have a built in EVSE in the car and therefore a generic AC input can plug into the car. Wheras our cars do not have that feature and that is why we need to buy an external EVSE. Is my info correct?
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    2019 Owners - Please read - Scratching / Chirping Noise When Braking

    Great question. The i3 and the Leaf are very different cars. Here is my synopsis of each car. BMW i3 REX: This was my first EV. It was a 2014 model year with 70 miles EV range and another 70 miles of gas range. I had the car for 30K miles and I only drove about 150 miles on gas and the...
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    2019 Owners - Please read - Scratching / Chirping Noise When Braking

    You folks probably are correct. This is likely just the way it is in this particular car. I have owned this car about 3 months and prior to this car, I had a 3 year lease of the i3 and followed by a 3 year lease on the Leaf. And neither of those cars had any such noise. Having said that, I am...
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    2019 Owners - Please read - Scratching / Chirping Noise When Braking

    Thanks for this feedback. I am surprised there is such little mention of this issue on this forum considering based on reports the issue is present in so many cars. Are there any theories on where the problem lies?
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    2019 Owners - Please read - Scratching / Chirping Noise When Braking

    I started a thread earlier titled "Engine Chirping Noise at Less Than 10 MPH" and based on feedback from other owners I took my car to the dealer earlier today for a check-up. Here is what the dealer wrote back on the paperwork. "Guest states 90% of the time at any time of day while braking...
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    Engine chirping noise at less than 10 MPH

    Thanks for this response. I have made an appt with the dealer to have this issue checked out. Will let you folks know how this pans out.
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    Engine chirping noise at less than 10 MPH

    I just retested and I confirm this noise is only present at the time of braking. I have taken this audio recording of this noise. Please review. It is the crackling sound that is of concern.
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    Engine chirping noise at less than 10 MPH

    I have a 2019 with about 4K miles. Bought it new in June. Car has been making this chirping noise when I approach a stop light. I can't tell if this is the electronic sound that EV are supposed to make to warn pedestrians but the noise is audible inside the car. At high speed, the noise goes...
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    2016 e-Golf in hot Texas!

    - Carvana included a no-name brand 120-volt EVSE that, surprisingly, charges the car at around 9-to-10 miles per hour. Hope you get the same deal. This does not sound right. A L1 trickle charger should be at a slower rate than this. I suggest you verify this once again.