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    Battery temperature?

    Has anyone had success getting battery data, in particular temperature, with OBD2 and an app such as EVNotify? Talking about the main battery, not the 12V unit of course.
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    Wheel touch up paint?

    I curbed a wheel and there are a couple scratches that required filling. The color of the filler doesn't quite match and I'd like to try some touch up paint to hide the damage. Has anyone found a paint that's a good match for the polished metal of the wheel?
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    Is the 125mi battery worth trading for?

    In Europe VW offers an even more adaptive headlight system that dims part of the beam to avoid blinding other drivers. In the USA we only get the adaptive system that swivels the headlight beam and automatically activates high beams. BTW the swivel feature has been around for awhile; it was...
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    JuiceBox Pro 75

    Perhaps I’m not understanding you correctly. The JuiceBox Pro 40 charges at 240VAC, up to 40 amps. My eGolf charges at 7.2 kW with that charger.
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    24 Month Lease NOT eligible for $2500 CVRP Rebate

    Hello fellow eGolf driving Oaklander. I’m just curious, which dealership did you lease from? I agree that they should have been well aware of the 30 month requirement for the state tax rebate.
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    End of lease: next steps

    I can understand the need for more range than your 2016. When I was comparing cars I didn’t look closely at the Leaf because it’s only a marginal improvement over the 2017+ e-Golf’s 125 mile range. There are so many things I love about the e-Golf that it’d take at least 200 miles of range before...
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    Question for 2017-2019 Owners

    Unless it's really cold, rainy, or there's a headwind I see 4.0 mi/kWh at @ 70 mph in my 2017. I say drive it as suits your needs within reasonable limits. If you have to charge a little more often than the next guy then so be it.
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    Minimum Charge malfunction in 2017 eGolf

    Perhaps I'm missing something but does anything else make sense? If there are no charge schedules in the e-Manager then it's going to charge to full as soon as you plug it in (unless your EVSE has a delayed charge feature). The purpose of the minimum battery setting is set a level you want...
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    Charging curve on 2016 vs. 2019

    My 2017 doesn’t taper at all when charging at home (7kW).
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    Wiper blade replacement

    Also on Amazon: AUDI VW BOSCH AeroTwin Front Wiper Blades PAIR 650/450mm 26 18 A863S 2008-
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    Question for 2017-2019 Owners

    EVgo now has 45 minute sessions, or 60 minute off peak (8pm-6am) with a membership ($9.99/month). With no session fee even the 45 minute limit isn't a big deal except in the case where the full 60 minutes is needed to go grab a bite nearby.
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    Question for 2017-2019 Owners

    It's basically 50% more range; at 70 mph I think 125 miles (to empty) is realistic. I wouldn't feel comfortable going more than 100 miles before charging, so in your example I would plan on making a couple charging stops. If you're going up Hwy. 101 that would work out with the last available...
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    Tried an Electrify America charger

    I don't remember the details. I was in a hurry and let it charge for around 30 minutes while I walked my dog. I'm not sure what you're trying to find out.
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    Tried an Electrify America charger

    Do you want to know the EA pricing? It’s on their website: Part of our mission at Electrify America is to ensure pricing transparency before you charge. Charger-specific pricing can always be found by navigating to the "Pricing" button on the Charger Ready screen on charging stations...
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    Tried an Electrify America charger

    I tried the new Electrify America location in Livermore, CA on New Year's Day. Ten nice looking chargers which don't require membership or an EA account to use. However, it did take several tries before my credit card was accepted. I don't know why, but every DCFC I use gives me some trouble...
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    TDI to e-Golf?

    Another update after driving a few more hundred miles: the e-Golf isn't as centered and doesn't track quite as well as my Golf Mk. 6 TDI but it's not bad with the Dynamic steering setting. I'll miss the TDI but I wouldn't keep it without the emissions modification and I don't want to deal with...
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    TDI to e-Golf?

    After my first 500 miles driving the e-Golf only one thing was really bothering me in comparison with my 2010 Golf TDI: the steering lightness and tendency to wander in the lane a bit on the freeway. After a little research I found that there's a steering weight setting accessible with VCDS and...
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    Sacramento to SFO and back

    Good charger coverage on that route!
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    Climate control while charging?

    Where are you located? I'm in the USA and just bought a 2017 e-Golf; it came with a 3 year Car-Net subscription. The iOS app isn't great but so far I wouldn't say it sucks. However I haven't tried the advanced functions such as editing charging schedules.
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    Lake arrowhead

    Anecdotally I see a 1.7 miles/kWh consumption rate when I drive 4.5 miles with a 1,000' elevation gain to the park where I frequently hike with my dog. That works out to around 2.6 kWh for the trip. Assuming that 4.5 miles on level ground takes 1 kWh then 1.6 kWh was used for the 1,000' climb...