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    Charger will not release from charging port 2019 egolf

    This happened to me once. No combination of button presses on the car, the remote, or starting/stopping the car helped. When that happens, get a screwdriver or pencil, etc. and push on the metal pin that you can see just above the charging port. This will mechanically override the lock and...
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    Heathed windshield at night

    Capital VW in San Jose. I don't remember who they outsourced to and I suspect they probably have several suppliers.
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    Heathed windshield at night

    Well, my windshield broke because of the sorry state of California roads. Here's something interesting: Safelite quoted $1350 for a non-OEM replacement, which my insurance company was willing to pay. Called my dealer and they quoted $863 for the whole job, using OEM glass. I had it replaced...
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    2015 e-Golf Car-net Expiry after 36 months?

    Did any of you get any satisfaction from VW on this? Just curious. I would file a complaint with your state attorney general. VW has taken functionality away from you after the purchase. This might be illegal and at a minimum is a misrepresentation unless very clearly disclosed to you at...
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    eGolf for Long Commute?

    Is traffic jam assist available on the 2017? Is this one of those secret features you can unlock with that coding gadget? Like the lowering the windows from your key fob and remembering the climate settings? On mine, the ACC does operate in stop-and-go traffic at any speed and will come to a...
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    eGolf for Long Commute?

    I live in SW San Jose and commute to Pleasanton everyday. About 80 miles r/t. I'm able to do the full roundtrip (including that Sunol Grade on 680) on an 80% charge and usually pull into the driveway with about 20-25 miles remaining. I find that I'm getting an average of 4.4 miles/kwh because of...
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    Question for 2017-2019 Owners

    I seriously doubt it. At typical freeway speeds, the efficiency really drops. During my bay area commute, I find myself averaging 4.4 miles/kWh at an average speed of 35-40 mph. However, at 70 mph, I'm seeing about 3.5 miles/kwh, which translates into a usable range of barely over 100 miles.
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    Hello all - new 2018 e-Golf owner (with charging question)

    Welcome to the E-Golf club. They're wonderful little cars. I would strongly recommend you contact an electrician to upgrade your electrical service. Even if you find a 16 amp charger, you're going to get pretty frustrated with it in a short time. And the E-Golf is only your first electric car...
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    Miles Per KW resets on 2018 SEL DAP

    I've noticed the same thing on mine (same car - 2017 SEL with DAP).
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    16" Space Saver Spare

    Great. Thanks!
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    16" Space Saver Spare

    Does the space saver spare from a regular golf fit under the floor in the back of the e-golf? Does the floor still fit flush in the upper position?
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    Using Golf/ GTI Accessories?

    I bought these used from a guy who’s 2015 was coming off lease. Very happy with them. I leave my rear windows 1/4 of the way open when I’m at work and come back to a significantly cooler car. They’re a little tricky to install b/c VW instructions are nothing but pictographs. But no tools are...
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    Using Golf/ GTI Accessories?

    Just got an email from weather tech - they now have a set of mats specifically for the E-golf. I've used these in other vehicles and they're pretty good.
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    Pop in rear sunshades and splash guards

    I also have the sunshades and highly recommend them.
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    Climate control while charging?

    Is there an easy way to activate the climate controls while charging? I'd really like to come out to a cool car, but I can't figure out how to do this without going through the whole rigamarole of setting a departure time, which is too much work if I'm just plugging in for an hour while at work...
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    2019 e-Golf 'unlikely'

    I'm feeling really lucky I was able to get an SEL with DAP back in December. TBH, I don't know why they build the SEL w/o it, because the SEL isn't worth the price premium over the SE unless you get the DAP. In California, 14% of cars sold must be zero emission or manufacturers face fines...
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    Water leak in rear passenger footwell

    The problem is almost certainly clogged drain holes; either the door or the front cowling. Check the drain holes in the bottom of the door. Usually water inside the car means that drain holes are plugged. Most common is the door - rain that gets past the window seals is routed out through...
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    Rubbing/squeaking/creaking sound - Solved!

    Shortly after I got my new E-Golf, I started hearing creaking and rubbing sounds when I went over bumps at low speeds. A little googling revealed that lots of MK7 owners (as well as owners of other makes/models) are hearing the same noise. Turns out the noise is coming from the door seals...
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    Max amperage of on-board charger?

    Remember: The charger is in the vehicle. All the EVSE does is tell the charger the maximum amount of current that can be drawn from the circuit. It's the charger's job to respect that and pull the appropriate amount of current.
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    2017 eGolf with DAP

    I purchased (drive too many miles to lease). Here's my car-buying process: I figure out what I want, test drive, etc. Then I figure out what I'm willing to pay and email a specific offer that's a bit lower to all the dealers in the area. In this case, my minimum discount was $3500 (based on...