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    Multiple charging plugs won't lock.

    I don't push the cable plug all the way in to keep it from locking on when charging at (Chargepoint) public stations, just to be less of a jackass in case I cannot move the car in a timely fashion. I don't ever recall locking CCS plugs to the car's receptacle... the status light stays yellow in...
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    California Clean Fuel Rebates

    SDG&E actually gave out $200 credit for EVs. The credit is on annual basis, so participants will have to jump through this hoop again next year. Translation for me: no SDGE bill for the next 3 months! :D...
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    LA to SF

    If all the chips fall in the right places, 15 hours may be possible. I drove my 2016 w/ DCFC from SF to SD over couple of days with extended stops. Well, technically 3 days since I got home at about 4 am. 1. If you want to use the DCFC networks, the only option is the 101, which is a longer...
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    Just FYI, the program is taking its sweet time to disburse the rebate checks at the moment. 01/23/17 Electronic application filed 02/23/17 Application approved 05/08/17 Notified check has been mailed 05/11/17 Check in mailbox HOV decals took less than 3 weeks.
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    Update from eMotorWerks on Submetering Pilot Phase 2

    I think I read that portion incorrectly on the initial sign-up. I think the EVSEs have embedded submeter?
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    Update from eMotorWerks on Submetering Pilot Phase 2

    Am I reading this correctly? In order to be considered for the program, I have to buy the charger? And then SDG&E can still deny my entry into the program? Considering the cost of having a submeter installed, this is certainly not going to be a money saver. -.-
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    Which EVSE to buy??

    Unless the eGolf draws max amp despite having it set to 13 amps, this is a non-issue? Wiring upstream of the receptacle is 8 gauge and 40 amps on non-GFI. I have no intention of placing a 14-50R on that setup. Years from now, some idiot (me) will think that its rated for 50 amps. Yes, I'm...
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    Which EVSE to buy??

    Thanks for all your input guys. I ended up snagging a secondhand Bosch 30 amp station from eBay, which had its warranty voided the moment it was transferred to me. I stuck a NEMA 14-30P cable to the unit as the power source to further assure the warranty's destruction. So as soon as I...
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    Which EVSE to buy??

    I love digging up old threads. I have been able to avoid having to charge at home (free 30 amp chargers near work), but a situation couple of days ago made me think that perhaps it would be wise to purchase a faster home charger than the 120V one provided with the car. Being the tightwad I am...
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    PG&E offering new 2017 $500 rebate for EVs and plug-ins

    500 bucks? All San Diegans will get is a measly $50 annual credit. :cry:
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    Transporting eGolf from SF to LA

    Congrats! That's like $600 less than mine over the lease's lifetime for a lot more mileage, minus the hassle of driving down in 1 hour increments! I didn't take it all that seriously, but it seems like people do get sweeter deals at the end of the month. In that line of thinking... if I...
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    Transporting eGolf from SF to LA

    My summary for Hayward to SD drive: Subtract 3x FCs and 1x Level 2 charge, and it will get you to Sherman Oaks. For me, the 2 offers I narrowed down to were VW Hayward (NorCal) at ~$7500 for 7.5k mi/year @2.5 years, and VW Kearney Mesa...
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    Most You Have Paid To Charge?

    I tried to avoid EVgo L3s on my roadtrip when possible. But I am pretty sure that I charged for more than 30 minutes on couple of EVgo sessions, as they didn't automatically shut off. Calling customer service for authorization in the first place may have had something to do with it. Anyways...
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    ccs charging network

    I stand corrected. I had the Chargepoint network filter on. :P
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    ccs charging network

    It would be nice to see a few more fast charge stations between San Diego and its adjacent counties. The I-5 and the I-15 are major corridors, but there is one 1 between Irvine and Downtown SD, and none between Riverside and San Diego. I think my biggest gripe is the lack of multiple chargers...
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    ccs charging network

    Speak of the devil! And my first post! :mrgreen: I just completed this a few days ago during the rainiest weekend in memory from Hayward to SF to San Diego over the course of about 36 hours. It was not a continuous charging and driving session BTW. Here's the background: I have been...