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    Any 2016's in MA?

    Only 2015s and not many of those...
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    2016 e-Golf SEL with new wheels

    I like it. Why did you choose Plastidip as opposed to any black spray paint and how did you prepare the surface and apply it? Is there more than one black Plastidip? The look comes close to what I feel are the best looking wheels.... VW's "Brooklyn" but those would be an expensive retrofit...
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    Radio always comes on with startup

    No, there appears no way to avoid it. It doesn't bother me, but if my wife is with me, I have to remember to turn it down or else my wife who has super hearing will do it every time. It looks like there's no way to turn actually turn it off. It looks like all I'm doing is turning the volume...
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    What charges at the end of the lease are you liable for?

    I bought my e-golf as it never occurred to me to lease. I had a tax writeoff 2014 windfall but didn't realize you can get the 7500 netted against the lease price. However, apparently 7500 miles is the lowest lease, but I only drive 2500 miles/year so I'd be turning in a 7500 mile car, not a...
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    2015 SEL for 32,000?

    Just out of curiosity, can a lease be worked for less than 7500 miles? I'm retired and probably am not putting more than 3000 miles on e-golf. I bought mine for 35K when they first came out, but now with the scandal and software updates and bug fixes I should have waited for year end sales or...
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    Can you buy an eGolf out of state? Florida?

    If a higher mileage egolf were to be offered in 2017, most of it would come from a bigger battery which would be an option at extra cost, similar to what Leaf is doing. The basic mileage model would still be offered as many people like me don't need or would want to pay for the extra capacity...
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    September e-golf sales 343, down from 381...pathetic The bmw i3 was 1710, up from 729. And now VW management has to spend all it's time on the emissions scandal instead of focusing on getting it to the other 38 states and getting the Level 3 charging network going. Ron
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    Car Insurance Coverage

    I dumped GEICO after 50 years. They are no longer the company they used to be, and their non-stop advertising blitz about savings is an outright lie Ron
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    Warning Light without a text Explanation?

    The owner's manual has a listing of each icon and what it's for. I made a copy of the page and keep it in the car to familiarize myself with the icons when they all show on startup Ron
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    Confused on L2 chargers

    I thought about plug in, but I read somewhere that it's nothing to turn the power off and remove the wires from the box. Like a 110 outlet, just unscrew a couple of wires. Ron
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    What changes will there be in the 2016 e-Golf?

    It's not only that. SE has no leatherette seats, no heat pump, no alloy wheels, no LED, no steering wheel controls, no cruise control, no leather wrapped steering wheel, Ron
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    2015 SEL for 32,000?

    I bought my SEL when they first came out in Nov 2014 for 35K, 1500 off MSRP. I just saw 2 new SEL's from the dealer listed on for 32,000, below even the price of LEs from the same dealer. Have they come down that much? If so, I should have waited. I knew I was taking a chance, both...
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    July 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

    From the posts on the i3 forum, you'd have a lot more problems with the i3, including ac. My ac is working fine. Infotainment is car net and hopefully they're starting to get their act together. I don't know anything about i3 infotainment to be able to compare
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    July 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

    'm surprised the Mercedes B-Class electric only did 196. Good looking EV.>> I was going to take a test drive, but at 4000 lbs, no CCS available, and way more expensive than the egolf SEL, I decided against it. Also, it seems more of a compliance car than VW which seems more committed to...
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    July 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

    313 sold in the US. Anemic for such a great car. i3 sold 900, although in all states Ron
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    Where is VW's update on Quantum Scape solid state battery?

    VW in March promised a status report in July on it's 5% investment in Quantum Scape's solid state battery which promises higher density, lower weight and lower cost. If it proves feasible, unlike GM's and others experience in the past, it would be a game changer for VW which has a good strategy...
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    Only 293 US egolfs sold in June

    The problem with a bigger battery is you will still have range anxiety, it will weigh more, and it will cost more unless 70% or more is due to battery density breakthrough, which is unlikely. Since most trips are less than 50 miles, the 100 miles I'm getting with the egolf is fine and I use the...
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    12V sockets not working

    Did you press the start button? Ron
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    What's most efficient. Drive in D or drive in B?

    1. It's my opinion brake pads are never engaged except during panic emergency stops. During normal braking in D, the needle never goes into the green more than it does in B, so there's no loss of energy from brake pads hitting metal 2. To make a fair comparison, while in D you have to...
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    What's most efficient. Drive in D or drive in B?

    The problem with the test showing greater miles/kwh in B than in D is that it defies the law of conservation of energy. Not only are you recovering more of the energy of the cars momentum from regeneration than recovering it via coasting, you're recovering more. From a physics point of view...