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    All about Volkswagen Golf and journey toward EVs

    Car manufacturers think Americans only want SUVs; they prove themselves right by not offering anything else! I would love a newer version of the e-Golf that has 250 miles range instead. The main reason we constantly hear that EVs are unaffordable is because they only sell overpriced SUV versions...
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    2020 e-Golf cancelled

    Probably everybody already knew this, but seems like it's confirmed Canada-only by a VW spokesman. It will be interesting to see what fills this slot in the EV market. Most people don't need 300 miles range and don't want to spend...
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    2019 battery pack for 2015 and newer eGolfs!

    Another reasonable question could be: if a battery needs to replaced under warranty, will they replace it with one of the newer battery packs? Or will they have old ones laying around for that purpose? Of course, as mentioned in another post, we can always hope that these people go from...
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    Possible e-Golf recall?

    I saw this article in Electrek. Apparently VW might have to recall about 124,000 electric and PHEV cars due to them containing poisonous cadmium. It doesn't sound like a health risk to those of us driving them, but it might be a problem if/when these cars are disposed of at a future date...
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    Buy 2017 e-Golf now or buy it after 2018 model comes out?

    Sounds about right. I have the 85-mile 2016 e-Golf SE with the meager 3.6 kW charger. I realized in the decade before that - I almost never took a trip that would cause that range to be a problem. In the 2+ years I've had the car, I haven't needed more range yet. That being said, I'm...
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    Buy 2017 e-Golf now or buy it after 2018 model comes out?

    The poor sales of the e-Golf seem to prove that range anxiety is a major factor when selling electric cars. Longer-range cars like the Bolt are doing much better. However, the average miles driven per person per day in America - 30 (Source: AAA). That or Chevy is just marketing the Bolt...
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    2018: Keep, upgrade, swap, or return e-Golf

    I've got a water stain in the back seat that I can't get rid of...
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    Wanted: 35.8Kwh e-Golf first person report 2017 2018 model

    ^This^ !!!!! Saving money is why I bought my 2016 e-Golf 2 years ago. I got the basic SE model without the fast charge stuff since my commute is not super long. My purchase price was $24K so after my federal rebate, I got the car for under $17K. Plus no sales tax on electric cars in...
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    CarPlay Issues (Resolved)

    I have the same problem. I cannot figure out how to reproduce the conditions that cause it. It seems to happen randomly. It is quite annoying, because as you said, you need to wait 5 minutes of having the car totally powered down to try it again. So if you're heading out the door to work and...
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    Only 293 US egolfs sold in June

    I have an e-Golf as my only car. I live in the Washington DC area, which is densely populated, so it gets me everywhere I need to go. If I ever need to take a longer trip, a rental car would be the solution. Much cheaper than having a second car that is used just a couple times a year.
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    Resetting service indicator in dash on 2015 SEL e-Golf.

    Confirmed. I had to do the process twice because I wasn't fast enough the first time!
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    Resetting service indicator in dash on 2015 SEL e-Golf.

    Thanks for posting this. My 2016 just started informing me every day that I need to change my oil...!!!
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    2017 e-Golf battery in a '15 or '16?

    From what I've read about the 2017 e-Golf, it seems like the bigger battery is larger in capacity only, not size. I wonder if the earlier cars could take the new battery...
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    2017 e-Golf at LA Auto Show

    I have an e-Golf SE and my window sticker incorrectly claims I can get a full charge in 4 hours. Just saying...
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    Volkswagen to recall 600,000 cars

    I have a 2016 e-Golf SE and I typed my VIN into that NHTSA website. It said there are 0 open recalls for my car. I did get a fix for the previous recall of the car shutting down without warning. Perhaps only certain 2016 e-Golfs are affected by this? Or the recall hasn't made it onto the...
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    Car Net Health Status Report Way Way Behind

    Same thing for me. Why send a year-old vehicle health report??? Good job VW.
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    Key Fob Battery Life

    I was recently getting the message too, but only with one of the two keys. So I went to buy a battery. Only $2 for a 2-pack. So I just replaced both batteries at the same time instead of waiting for the other one to start giving me the error message. Super easy fix.
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    Official 2016 VW eGolf maintenance schedule

    Missing a 10K service appointment doesn't void your warranty, does it?
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    What's the best expected mi/kWh and speed to achieve it?

    I've had mine since January (2016 SE) and I average 5.2 mi/kWh. Washington DC is not as hilly as San Fran, which probably makes a difference. And although there's often plenty of stop-and-go rush hour traffic here, I live downtown and work just outside the city, so I usually avoid too much...
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    Regenerative Braking Drive Modes Gimmicky?

    Exactly why I found the best way to increase range has nothing to do with the braking modes, but the way you drive. The e-Golf manual makes a point that coasting at a steady speed is the most efficient way to drive, rather than stopping and going all the time. When I accelerate at a reasonable...