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    VW has sold 100k e-Golfs worldwide

    The subject says it all - VW has announced that they have sold 100k e-Golfs worldwide. Here's the news (see the link below). If somebody has an official press release from VW, please post in the link! It makes me feel good about the possibility that the public might be warming up to EVs. But if...
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    VW registered 2020 e-Golf with CARB

    This is what it looks like - I don't see any shutters. There's also nothing behind the radiator :D
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    2019 warranty for e-Golf?

    Just for the record - the warranty explicitly doesn't cover vibration and noise and the battery warranty only guarantees to bring it back to 80% of original capacity.
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    VW registered 2020 e-Golf with CARB

    I have a 2019 with DAP - how can I check for this? Should I listen for a particular sound at a particular speed? I'll try to look under the hood over the weekend but not sure what to look for.
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    I've read bad things about these tires (not grippy enough) but to be honest I find them not bad at all. I have not driven them in rain yet, though and they are new, so we shall see...
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    Upping the speed limiter

    I don't know and I don't care, to be honest. But let me give you that - I was taking a drive today (Saturday) in the morning and going with the traffic on the freeway. I was doing about 82 and I was just going with the traffic. That left me with about 3mph for emergency maneuvers like speeding...
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    2019 Owners - Please read - Scratching / Chirping Noise When Braking

    Chiming in with 'me too' - my eGolf 2019 has 1k miles on it and i can hear the spring-like sound when braking at low speed. Could hear it since buying the car. Although, there's no rhyme and reason to it. It can be heard at low speeds, but... not always! I'm also getting a whine under very...
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    Dedicated EV Parking list

    Was at IKEA the other day and was happy to notice that they provide dedicated parking spots for EV-s. By dedicated I mean there's no charger nearby but there's a sign that these spots are for EV parking only. Have you seen such spaces around your area? I have seen the spaces in IKEA and the...
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    Upping the speed limiter

    New to the family, very excited to be here :) Will be posting more soon. I bought a 2019 e-Golf about a month ago and realized that the speed limiter is at 85 mph not 93 mph like the European version :( Disappointing! Clearly this is electronically governed and should be easy to change if you...