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    Most efficient LRR tire to replace Ecopia 422

    While the CrossClimate tires from Michelin are excellent tires, you will notice a hit to the efficiency compared to the Ecopias.
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    Lightning my e-Golf :-)

    Haha. I thought you mis-spelled lightening. Nope. You really meant lightning...
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    Adding a reverse camera.

    I assume you are in Europe since all North American e-Golf cars had the backup camera included. Personally, I would try to go for retrofitting the factory backup camera that's integrated into the rear logo/hatch release. However, I have no idea how much parts would cost or whether some kind of...
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    Buy 2017 e-golf w/ only 9,500km in NZ?

    I don't know if I would want a Japanese market e-Golf. My understanding is that VW used the J1772 port in the front grille like the Golf GTE plus a CHAdeMO port under the normal fuel filler door on the right rear for those cars. I would think that a UK market RHD car with CCS2 would be a much...
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    E golf Charging

    You can leave it plugged in as long as you want. The car will do the right thing to charge the battery properly.
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    FS: Wallbox Pulsar Plus -$500 shipped

    Clipper Creek has both types - paired dual units with power sharing (Share2) and single units with two cords that share power (Dual Charging). Share2: Dual Cord...
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    Are Crossclimate 2 tyres BEST ?

    The standout feature of the CrossClimate series of tires is that they are a true All Weather tire with winter "3 Mountain Peak Snowflake" rating. If that is useful to you, then it's a great tire that doesn't have a huge range penalty on an EV.
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    2019 VW e-Golf

    The proper setting for the ChargePoint charger should match the circuit breaker size it is installed with. The e-Golf has a 30A on-board charger, so it will never use more than that. Any AC charging is very gentle on the battery. Only DC Fast charging could possibly do anything to shorten the...
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    Can you do remote start with CarNet App?

    CarNet cannot "start the car" to avoid using the key fob. You should be able to start the climate control though. What exactly did you expect to happen with "remote start"?
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    Charging fault, charging port locked and won't let go

    Some pictures above are showing the European Type-2 CCS inlet. The North American cars use Type-1 CCS and the locking mechanism is different. So, be careful about the applicability of the various part numbers shown.
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    Last Chance Model Closeout

    Sunnyvale's latest ad includes an offer for an e-Golf SEL lease for $48/mo. This is ridiculous because it requires $4,390 down and only 24 months. That comes to $231/mo and you don't qualify for the CVRP rebate on a lease that short. Minimum Lease term is 30 months for the rebate. Of course...
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    Last Chance Model Closeout

    I just got an advertisement from Sunnyvale VW. They claim they are having a "Last Chance Model Closeout" sale on the e-Golf SEL. $12,500 off or $159/mo lease for 36 months. $4450 due at signing + TTL after $7,500 credit. The inventory on their web site shows 32 e-Golf cars available, all SEL...
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    1st Time EV Owner - Questions

    For ease of use, it would be sufficient to set the Max Charge Level to 80% and charge it back to that every day. Anything more rigorous is not worth the trouble. VW already has a significant buffer at the top of the battery, so 80% is already very conservative.
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    Charging port locking issues. Won't lock or unlock - FIX and BYPASS

    I really have to wonder why VW didn't develop a splice kit and solenoid replacement procedure so that they wouldn't have to pay for this ridiculous repair under warranty. Obviously I don't expect them to care about the cost of repair out of warranty, I'm just surprised that they didn't want to...
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    Daily commute charging question

    I would not expect more than 200km range with that much motorway driving. So, you will probably need 15 minutes of DC Fast Charging on the way home each day. Since you will slowly charge back to full at home each night, I think this is not a problem for the battery. With some experience, you...
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    J949 OCU 3G or 4G?

    I believe @crunch81 is in Europe. Keep in mind that most users on this forum are in North America. The radio module in the US e-Golf is completely different than in Europe. If I recall correctly, the VW USA CarNet service is based on service provided by Verizon Telematics and therefore uses...
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    Live in Georgia and thinking of buying a new 2019

    If the e-Golf was sold in Georgia, it was probably back when the State had a $5,000 EV rebate. That didn't last long. They replaced it with a huge registration tax to make up for the lost gas tax revenue. Brilliant. :roll:
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    eGolf wheel & tire recommendations

    Your post is very confusing. The rolling diameter of the 205/55-16 and 225/50-16 is nearly identical. Therefore, since the rim is the same and the diameter is the same, the sidewall height is the same. The section width is 20mm wider. What this actually means for the width of the contact patch...
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    Replacing the factory default infotainment in a 2016 eGolf

    I may be wrong, but I thought the 2015 was the only year that didn't have CarPlay and Android Auto. I assume you're talking about the US version. European cars have completely different telematics software and communication than the US cars. The 2016 SE has a smaller screen than the SEL, but it...
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    charging limitations

    The European e-Golf can charge just fine on any Type-2 charging station. The 11kW and 22kW stations are 3-phase 400V L-L and work just fine with the e-Golf. However, it is still limited by the on-board charger to 7.2kW.