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    Error: Electrical System. Stop!

    My 2017 egolf has now been in the shop for over 4 months; after being in the shop 3 times in the 3 months prior. In other words from May 2022 to Jan 24 2023, my e golf has been working for about a total of 3 weeks... and in the shop now 4 times. The dealer had to order parts that took 6 weeks...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    SInce the beginning of May 2022 (it is now Oct 1 2022), I have had my 2017 Egolf taken 4 times ( towed 3 times at my expense) to the dealer after getting this Electrical System Failure code STOP! message. THe first time they changed the 12 V battery and returned it in 5 days. That lasted 3...
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    Error: Electrical System. Stop!

    I have now had this red error warning "electrical system. stop!" warning 3 times in the past 2 months. THe car will not move. My 2017 e golf has been in the shop 3 separate times for a total of 34 of the last 58 days. On two of these occasions, I had to pay to have the car towed. The first...