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    Squeak coming from front end?

    i do have this from time to time . its about 30K miles so i will have the brakes cleaned and inspected for anything odd.
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    Replacing the 12 volt battery

    Glad this thread exist since i want to upgrade to an Li battery . i will try this conversion once I'm ready to swap out mine. Im torn to either go Antigravity or Ohmu.
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    Swapped out the shift knob on the e-Golf

    Was tempted to replace mine as well. Glad i got confirmation that it fits. Thanks for posting.
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    Q: Suspension Info

    50mm shocks is correct. I fitted my e-golf with the GTI performance pack rear sway at 21.7mm. I recommend getting aftermarket springs designed for the e-golf because of the major weight difference.
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    Build Thread: Performance e-Golf

    RSB is next for me. I'm going with the OEM 21.7mm bar from the PP MK7 GTI.
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    Comfort Windows Open/Close

    I used OBD11 to enable this for the keyfob
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    Charging mystery

    I just had my level 1 evse fail on me after 3 years of ownership. no lights saying it is broken, test and reset buttons didn't help. I would plug in the cable to the car and it would just stay yellow. I think all it took for me for that charger to go out was some recent power outage / surges.
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    Charging the 12V battery if car is not driven much

    Been busy and haven't grabbed the solar panel yet. Just bought lowering springs for the e-golf though :D .
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    AAA Nor Cal EVgo Discount program

    I just signed up for this , Thanks!
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    Charging the 12V battery if car is not driven much

    Bumping up for a positive answer to see if i can trickle charge the 12v battery through the cigarette lighter. EDIT: i will just try it and report back .
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    12V Battery Replacement Questions

    I just saw this last night and saw the post about FCP and programming the battery on MK7 No need to program the batteries unless it has battery management. It looks like a small control module on the negative terminal. Typically if you have...
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    12v Battery monitoring

    Awesome find manybees. I will definitely get one of these when switching to an Li battery.
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    Build Thread: Performance e-Golf

    Perfect setup in my eye cccmanhattan. I plan to go this route as well. this little go kart of a car is just too fun to give up.
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    12V Battery Replacement Questions

    I never thought about that . I guess as long as the company offers a good warranty, thats a great piece of mind . I was thinking about getting a battery from Antigravity Batteries. This is their warranty info on them. "Antigravity Batteries LLC warrants to the original purchaser that our...
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    12V Battery Replacement Questions

    With weight in mind as well as longevity, what about Lithium ion batteries for our cars. i would think that little extra money and light weight can save time and hassle the long run.
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    What is your total mileage so far ?

    2017 SE here with 21K miles and going strong.
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    eGolf wheel & tire recommendations

    Good to hear, maybe ill give them a try when the time comes.
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    Swapping halogen headlight assembly for OEM HID assembly

    Agreed . the MK7.5 headlights are better handling Aftermarket LED bulbs than the MK7.
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    Rust on metal frame inside the dashboard

    My MK6 GTI was the same way. so i expected it on this newer VW.