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    Free charging station locations

    RonDawg, Thanks for your comprehensive reply, it's always good to know all the options, of course nowhere did I say, nor was I implying, that Volta is the ONLY free charging station, I was just making people aware of them. As to who uses the free ones, I dont know all the local EV's so cant...
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    Free charging station locations

    A company called Volta is installing free charging stations at retail locations in CA and AZ. I dont see these showing up on other services like ChargePoint. The link below is their locations map but even this isn't up to date since it doesn't show the two that went in about 3 months ago at a...
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    VW e-Golf versus BMW i3

    For what its worth, my two cents. We have lived with both an eGolf for 4 months, and now an i3 for 7. Aesthetics aside (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) the cars are too different to compare side by side based on technical specs alone imho. There are "living with them" issues that are...
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    The start of the death of VW USA?

    This topic is concerning the future of VW in the US in light of the "clean diesel" scandal. I was using my experience of owning the eGolf as an example of a vehicle put onto the market by a company that seems prepared to advertise features that dont work, or in the case of the TDI, are illegal...
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    CA - Green Driver State Incentives

    We are fortunate to live in Hermosa Beach that already has many EV benefits: free charging stations at city Hall, quite a few pay-for locations, as well as general free parking. But now we have two free charging station at our local Vons shopping center. They've been installed by Volta, the link...
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    The start of the death of VW USA?

    Not the death I'm sure but certainly a blow to the brand and it's public perception. We leased an eGolf when it was first available last year, after three months collaboration with VWoA and GmbH trying to get it to work as advertised (we needed delayed charging and it never worked) VW finally...
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    Car Insurance Coverage

    No problem with USAA, saved $5 per month over BMW 328i taken off the policy. Interestingly, the i3 we now have is the same price as the 328 we sold to get the Golf.
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    Is Car-Net reading this forum?

    I have to respectfully disagree that no one from VW is reading this forum (no idea about Verizon). You are correct that it is not an official VW managed site, or that issues raised here will initiate immediate action, but I am pretty certain it is read. We spent three months working with various...
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    VW Car-Net Owner Satisfaction Survey

    We got one and VW has the car back......gave them earful too, they must be deaf by now. Hopefully someone else is listening.
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    220 Charger

    I have a virtually brand new (used for 1 month) Bosch Power Xpress Stage 2 EVSE, 18ft cable. Perfectly good, has a small footprint, much smaller than other units. There is nothing wrong with it. It's a plug in design (not hardwired via conduit) so can be removed and taken with you, plugs into a...
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    Why did e-Golf choose 4 levels of regen vs i3 continuous

    One more thing to consider is that the i3 doesn't employ regen braking, its strictly hydraulic, so perhaps to help compensate BMW went to a more aggressive lift off pedal regen, probably simpler and cheaper to build. Having now driven the i3 some more, there really isn't much to differentiate...
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    Rear hatch at top has small drop down compartment. What for?

    Checked with my dealer after seeing it there, they had no idea......found it works great for a collapsible umbrella (we have been getting rain recently in SoCal!)
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    auf wiedersehen

    Sad to say that on going issues with our eGolf have forced a decision to have it bought back. VW has been very straight up and professional through the whole process, nothing but praise for their handling of our particular circumstances. This is a great forum and from what I have learned VW take...
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    Car-net and delayed charging

    It is interesting to know that the charge settings are available on-board in the EU eGolfs but not here. We have been in contact with VW since December trying to get the delayed charging option to work. It is a big deal here because the juice is 1/3 rd of the cost when charging between 12 and 6...
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    Why can't you set the % of charge from the car screen?

    We have been advised to use the phone app ONLY for setting charging options. Online site can be used for other features, but not charging options.
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    Car-net and delayed charging

    A bit more information...I have been assured the Bosch Power Max will solve the delay charging problem and they are spending money to back up the statement. Again they are saying its the handshake, I will update this thread when we have some experience wi the new unit, probably a couple of...
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    My new Black 2015 e-Golf

    Got our blue one in Sept but black looks cool too. A quick note on a couple of bullets: "The car does not lock when you walk away from it, I have to manually lock it with the key fob." So long as the fob is outside the car and close, just touch the indent on the outside of the front door...
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    Car-net and delayed charging

    So here's the latest on this continuing issue. The tech is now off the case and were dealing with a product manager in MI. I agree that the EVSE is basically a dumb box and the call for a charge is being controlled by the car, not the EVSE (simple on board clock timer not with standing). The...
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    Circular marks on the rear (hatch) window

    Well here is where I am now beginning to lose faith in VW. When I went to pick the car up I was told they couldn't reproduce the circles in the shop but went ahead and clay barred it anyway. I immediately breathed on the inside of the glass and sure enough the circles were gone so at that point...
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    Car-net and delayed charging

    Follow up to previous post. Plugged car in at 10.15 and lo and behold, a full charge when leaving at 7 am! Going to try 9.30 tonight and see if it still works, will report back what happens. Oh well, no charge this morning, seems like 2 hour threshold is correct. Just had a call from VW...