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    PSA: CAR NET shutdown MY19 and earlier

    I just got an email from VW about Car Net going away for MY19 and earlier due AT&T shutting down their 3G network. I’m guessing early adopters with MY15 are SOL if they want to change charging modes etc, since it was only available on the app, not headunit.
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    L1 Charger not charging in Cold weather?

    This- before I had my L2 installed and used the L1 I never had it plugged into a dedicated circuit.
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    40k Service, poor dealership results

    out of curiosity, what state are you located in? These sound like issues when I got my first e-Golf in 2015. The dealership was clueless about the car and they only had one tech certified. I scheduled a service and he wasn't working that day :x - i had specifically reminded them that it was the...
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    Does e-manager warm the batteries as well as the cockpit?

    Never thought to sous vide the battery...
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    Charging Door Won't Open

    its a really stupid design. They really should've kept it like the MK6 with the emergency cable release. There are two weak points in the actuator, there's a little piece of plastic that gets misaligned and needs to be shaved down, usually banging on the door it will eventually open and you...
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    2019 Owners - Please read - Scratching / Chirping Noise When Braking

    same for me.... it was very noticeable on my 2015, its still there on the 2019 but just a bit less pronounced. I'm guessing as the car ages it will get louder.
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    L1 Charger not charging in Cold weather?

    Never had that issue, but I don't get weather as cold as you... , i would try to charge on another charging station.. just to see if its a car issue or cable issue.
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    Looking to Buy/Lease 2019

    I'm in the market for a 2019 e-Golf. Haven't really followed any of the changes since getting my 2015. When looking at the configurator online, the 2019 models have a GTI looking grill inside of the DRL "C" lights but the '18s look more like earlier models. One of the dealers I've been looking...
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    Expected tire life on an e-Golf

    Yeah, unfortunately the TPMS doesn't show the pressure on each tire, unlike other models. I've noticed it kicks on after a 5 PSI drop or so, so I'm fine with using that as a guide. I only check tire pressure before a road trip.... which doesn't happen in the short range e-Golf :D
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    Expected tire life on an e-Golf

    honestly no... the car is the wife's and she's a pretty conservative driver. Only rotated every 10k (I normally do 5K intervals but got lazy this time around) and topped off air during those inspections or if the TPMS triggered a warning. I do keep the tire pressure around 5 psi higher than the...
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    Is Car Net subscription mandatory for Mobile App usage?

    Just had to do that yesterday. PG&E changed off-peak EV rate from 11p-6a to 12a-3pm. My car is programmed to start charging at 11pm so i had to enroll in CarNet for a month so I could change it to start at 12a.
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    Wiper blades keep skipping on my new e-Golf

    I would've tried claybarring the windshield to remove any imbedded gunk off the glass.
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    Expected tire life on an e-Golf

    Mine lasted about 42k miles
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    Driving in B mode often can cause issues?

    I'll have to give this a try. Jumped in the e-Golf (primarily the wife car) and it was make a noise similar to what the OP mentioned at take off.
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    any word on when we will be getting the 2018s? I just realized that VW is still selling them as 2017s :o Lease is up in October and I'd rather get an 18 with the better warranty. Esp since it doesn't look like i'll get as good a deal as I did on the 2015 Model.
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    Sign, sign, everywhere a sign...

    that's a pretty cool idea... I would use that if I used public charging.
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    to add to the data: Applied: Oct 17 Approved: Oct 20 Check Mailed: Dec 5 Funds in account: Today :D
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    Any special plates in eGolf land?

    Did you end up ordering it? I have one on order. We'll see if it comes through.
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    VW Service Center in San Jose?

    I've gotten good service from Chris @ DGDG