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  1. J

    Car-net and delayed charging

    I too am very unsettled that the US based e-golf got the low resolution screen, but I assumed it would still have the same functionality the euro cars do.... but they don't. I also called Car-net last week to complain about the app and let them know most people want a 'set time to charge' option...
  2. J

    My 2015 US Spec e-Golf SEL Premium

    yes there is, I haven't looked at specific speeds but i will. I know that on average after 500 miles I'm getting around 3.9 - 4.3mpkWh on my daily commute. which is 1/2 freeway 1/2 city driving.
  3. J

    Had mine for 3 weeks now :)

    I'll say that it's not a freeway cruiser unless you have a place to plug in at both ends of your commute, unless you really know how to use the brake re-gen skillfully on the freeway. But I imagine you might get 70 miles if it's all open freeway.. but it's not something I do. I don't like to...
  4. J

    Buyers of e-Golf. Did you pay MSRP full price?

    Bay Area, i got mine the first week, I was going to buy it for MSRP, but decided that lease made more sense for this car right now. So I did $3600 down and $299/mo+tax = $327/mo and I'll get $2,500 back from CA. There are a lot of dealers marking these up, Stevenscreek marked their's up...
  5. J

    Battery Technology in the e-Golf versus the BMW i3

    this too was the reason I like the e-Golf over all the others, it's a Golf, and therefore all (or most) of the aftermarket stuff will apply to it, and it will be light years cheaper to fix in a fender bender. Stock (above) lowered a bit, with some personal touches 17" Jetta Hybrid premium...
  6. J

    My 2015 US Spec e-Golf SEL Premium

    Took delivery on Nov 4th. Pure white with titan Black interior LOVE IT!!! not my photo, but a nice white US spec one and some mods applied
  7. J

    Please, give me the sales pitch!

    Hey guys, I've had mine for 3 weeks now, I got one of the white with black interior, but I know that the other colors besides Pacific Blue were delayed a bit for whatever reason. But they should be rolling out soon. I think I actually got one of the very first ones (Nov4th) and certainly the...
  8. J

    Does the e-Golf have a spare tire?

    Actually the batteries are NOT under the rear storage (trunk) area. They actually stop at the rear seat back, and there is literally nothing under the rear of the car, which puzzles me as to why they didn't just drop the floor down a bit more to allow room for a donut spare.. sorry for the...
  9. J

    Had mine for 3 weeks now :)

    I picked up one of the first ones sold in CA on Nov 4th up in Redwood City just south of SF. White withe titan Black interior. I decided to lease it for 3 years (first lease ever) because it made sense and even if I buy at the end of the term it would still be cheaper than an outright purchase...