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    Lease Return: Registration and other questions

    Probably better as the 2016 was an SE without DC fast charge. Got my bill today from VW, they took off the key on the bill (No calling needed but it was documented as a $0 charge) Paid the check and I am done! Have fun folks!
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    End of lease: next steps

    April is when the Kia and Hyundai 200 mile cars are coming out. Don't look at a Bolt as the rebate is phasing out.
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    VW OEM Charging Connector Issue. Help

    The gasket was supposed to be removed by the dealer. I had one too. I showed the dealer and he just threw it away.
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    HOV expiration Southern California

    I saw at the dealer a 2016 White eGolf SE with Red stickers, so you have to tell them that your stickers were issued after 1/1/17. They won't give them automatically because they look at model year.
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    Lease Return: Registration and other questions

    So just to post my experience returning my eGolf Got the Pre-inspection (Windshield $350) Of course ignored the letter from VW that said I can turn in on Jan 5th because my registration expires on Dec 22 and I did not want to pay $500 for two weeks of car use. Drove into my dealership, (no...
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    Ok which one of you guys bought this eGolf?

    Brand New eGolf comes with mispelled expletive. Look at the display, that's an e-Golf.
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    Sticker shock on new electric car leases

    cctop - That's a rock in the caliper, I had one last year. It sounded like brake scraping at low speeds. johnnylingo - I don't know if you still need a VW , but I see that there are a few specials going on right now. On the 2018 is going for $250 with about $3k...
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    Lease Return: Registration and other questions

    As my eGolf goes back in 30 days I found a few interesting things. You are going back to December? Did you have it inspected yet? if Not, GO NOW. Inspection is cheaper when it's pre inspection (Before you turn in) instead of Post Inspection. Pre inspection is Free BTW The only time this...
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    End of Lease Inspection

    Time for my car to go back (In Dec) since I was under the 90 day limit I got it inspected. Here's my charge/issue list: Big Ding - No Charge (Under golf ball size) Small Ding but deep - No Charge Non Matching 4th Tire - No Charge (Got a blowout and they replaced it with a Bridgestone but not an...
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    crazy question for extending range via rear wheel generator

    saw this at walmart 10 hours...
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    crazy question for extending range via rear wheel generator

    Yes it can be done. Will it give you any more miles? Only in a downhill. All uphill driving will then eat more energy than before. Unless the Generator has the ability to decouple during acceleration. But then that 'decouple' should be taking up energy in a stop n go situation. So...
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    Loud scraping noise

    When I got this exact noise (A scraping while driving) It turned out to be a pebble got between my brake caliper and the rotor. Cost me $65 at the dealer to get it out.
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    Comparing Different EV's and features

    Just an Update about the Kia So far this car is probably the best of the 3 EV cars I've had. Software is up to date. Works incredibly well with CarPlay Gets 93 (Well..that sucks) The App integration is incredible. The infotainment is top notch. The mirrors fold in automatically. Fits in the...
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    Now I've seen the worst charger design

    Seen on a Toyota Rav EV. Note : This is for the Chademo charger, the Level 2 Charging port is on the right rear. Link if you can't see it OMG He has to open his hood every time to plug in the Chademo?
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    Cost of the 20k?

    my 20k (Which I only got last week) included testing the system and checking for any updates (none). Cost to me $65. As a side note, I bought the car in with a squealing brake, turned out a rock lodged right between the caliper and the disc. They took care of it for free.
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    Car-Net Or Third Party Charging App For Canada ???

    BTW this is not limited to VW, Kia and Honda have the same problem in Canada
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    Can I have 2 Timers set for same days?

    Yes you can if they are two different types (Charging and Climate) That's how I do it.
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    CarPlay issues and environmental question/issue

    that wasn't in the manual as far as I know. It's more of keep trying till you get something working.
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    2016 e-Golf Quick Start Guide

    There's a QSG? I'll check my trunk to see if I still have one...if there is one. But don't count on VW writing a good manual...they suck at it.
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    Comparing Different EV's and features

    Added a little note on the clarity that it throws an error if you try to charge without the brake set.