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    A/C Expansion Valve and Cut Off Valve

    I have my 2018 in the shop today, and just got a call back that I have this same issue. After reading this post, now I forgot if he called it a cut-off or shut-off valve, but apparently that is the issue causing intermittent failure of the A/C (blows hot on particularly hot days, but then...
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    PSA: CAR NET shutdown MY19 and earlier

    Yes. Our 2018's carnet subscription ran out this past weekend, and when I called them, I was told I could not renew. I didn't realize how much I relied on checking the charge status until it went away! AT&T may be forced to delay their disablement of 3G, given how many cars and other devices...
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    CarNet issues

    Interesting. I have a 2015, and I am able to use carnet. I did pay the subscription fee about a year ago, and paid for two years up front to get a discount. The new app is absolutely terrible, but I am still able to use it with my 2015.
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    PGE new EV rate plans

    Yep -- click on the “Find information on EV-A” pdf here. . Basically if you have been a solar customer for more than five years, and have been taking advantage of NEM, you get no grandfathering of EV-A. I got solar in 2004, so the long...
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    PGE new EV rate plans

    > "If you are already on the EV-A rate plan, you will get at least 5 years since enrollment as a grandfather period." It looks like this is not the case. I just got a letter from PG&E saying my EV rate plan is changing to EV2-A effective in November 2019. Anyone else get this notice? - Steve
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    New 2019 e-Golf SEL Owner

    Congratulations! We have a 2015 SEL, and liked it enough to buy out the lease. Then a month later, the 2018s finally showed up, so we got one and we are now a dual e-Golf family. I'm actually surprised your battery degraded to about 19kWh. While I haven't measured mine, i do pay very close...
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    Charging timer issues

    I have a new 2018 e-Golf, and also a 2015. I've had all the typical charging timer issues with the 2015 that many of us are familiar with, the most frustrating being that about half the time, the car simply doesn't charge overnight. It's completely unpredictable. I was hoping the 2018, with...
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    Car-Net expiring

    Yep, same here -- mine just went out two days ago. Sounds like they expired a bunch of us all at the same time. My original lease date was 10/15/2015. Pricing is pretty crazy. $199/yr, $378/2yrs. And yeah, they won't budge on price or provide an option to give us only the charging...
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    I'm not actually sure if it was a VW incentive. This dealership does move an awful lot of cars, and they don't have much space to store them. So I think their strategy is to move cars fast, and also to be seen by VW corporate as among the highest-volume sellers of EVs (maybe the highest? not...
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    This was purchase, not lease. Deals on SEs probably not quite that big a discount. There aren't that many 2018s coming to the states, so if you want one, move fast!
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    Yes. $6K off MSRP. Too good to pass up. Had a Model 3 reservation, but I just really like the e-Golf, so now we have two :-)
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    I just claimed their remaining SEL today :-). They now have 9 SEs listed on, as of a few hrs ago.
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    Model Year 2018 announced for the US

    Looks like they are starting to arrive in SoCal, but nothing up in the Bay Area yet. Hoping they show up in the next couple of weeks. With half the range of the Bolt, I'm hoping they are willing to deal a bit down from MSRP, but with small supply, it's hard to say.
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    Missing inventory

    Does this cost take effect after the 3rd year is done? I have a 3-year lease on a 2015 ending this Oct, and I've never paid for car-net. I don't get the extra features, but I am able to control charging (such as it is) via car-net without paying anything, at least so far.
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    Can I negotiate the buy-out price at the end of my lease?

    Yeah, I didn't expect it to work out this way, but used prices on the e-Golfs are quite high, despite the short range. Supply is fairly tight, and it is a great car. My lease is up in mid-Oct, and I'm leaning toward buying out the lease also, even if I have to pay the full $13K and change...
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    What is the cost of 10/20/30k... maintenance ?

    Apologies for speaking out of turn, but at 31K on a 2015 e-Golf, the degradation is in the small single-digit percentages. Basically, I don't notice any degradation in range since the car was new (about three years ago).
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    my e-golf is suddenly tripping my circuit breaker?

    Yes, the 40A breaker should be large enough. The e-Golf only draws 30A. It looks like there are two because it's a 240V breaker, so the two legs (each 120V) each have their own switch, but they are physically tied together.
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    2016 VW eGolf SEL (purch date 2016-01-13) - Trunk Light OUT

    I'm having the same problem. 2015 e-Golf, about one year old. Bringing it in later this week to get it diagnosed. The bulb tests fine.
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    Questions for a potential buyer

    I would recommend leasing over buying. The tech is changing fast. Three years from now, VW will have 200+ mile range EVs, as will most everyone else. I'm expecting that when my 2015 SEL lease ends in late 2018, I will be able to negotiate a deal to pay less than the lease residual, if I want...
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    2016 SE 0 down $234/ mo

    I think that is an unusually good deal. Which dealer did you use?