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    Swapped out the shift knob on the e-Golf

    Raceseng had a sale so took the chance on a shift knob and adapter... and it fits exactly like the ICE golf!
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    Running Michelin AS4 on aftermarket wheels?

    I've finally got my e-golf to where I'm happy with it, like most I've always hated the wheels and handling with the stock Ecopias, so swapped out for a full set of AS4. I know I will lose some range but anyone running a similar tire setup so I can know what to expect? The new tires are 225s and...
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    TCR rear diffuser on e-Golf

    Anyone think or seen if this can be done, the rear of this car is so plain to me and think this make it perfect Lower bumper area looks like it's the same shape as the GTIs rear bumper