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    2019 e-Golf warranty?

    May I ask what the 10 year extended warranty entails? Platinum, 10 year/ 100 K/ $100 deductible?
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    Any concerns about the future?

    Just to add my own experience: We leased our first e-Golf in 2015 and that car was trouble free for four years, until the lease ended. Our second e-Golf (2019) just had an air-conditioner problem and has been with VW for the last 5 days. I did eventually get a loaner car after complaining to...
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    2019 VW e-Golf SEL A/C problem - repair experience

    As luck will have it, our brand new, 6 week old, VW e-Golf SEL has an a/c problem. Sometimes it went on as normal, sometimes it took 30 minutes to start working. That is unfortunate, but what I am really perplexed about is the repair experience. The car is of course under warranty. We...
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    2019 eGolf Prices Paid

    We had 0 errors on our '16 SEL, and 0 error on our '19 SEL. :D Of course, our '19 is with us for only 4 weeks. But based on those 4 weeks, the subjective build quality is identical. The '19 is a bit zippier. No rattles or more wind noise when compared to the '16. It's probably human to...
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    Volkswagen Confirms Sales Of e-Golf In Canada In 2020

    Taxes paid typically do not factor in any depreciation calculation. 2016golfse is right. After factoring in federal, state, and other incentives, the actual depreciation may compare well with the depreciation of comparably equipped ICE cars. There is even another potential upside: If the ID...
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    2019 eGolf Prices Paid

    1) They had no clue. Just like everyone else that I asked. Do you know how to get credible information on future budget allocations? 2) I have no idea what the specific dealer discounts were. Here's one way to look at it: $40,040.00 MRSP price (included destination fee, rear bumper plate...
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    Value perception

    We did evaluate both cars (base Tesla Model 3 + blue exterior and e-Golf SEL Premium). We chose the e-Golf SEL. The Tesla came to $40,123 before federal and state incentives for the Tesla and $32,948.70 for the e-Golf SEL (both OTD prices). I was assured that we would be able to get the $3,750...
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    2019 eGolf Prices Paid

    Atlantic Blue. Perhaps not as handsome as Iridum Grey. :D Our 2015 was a Limestone Gray Metallic.
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    2019 eGolf Prices Paid

    2019 VW Golf SEL Premium bought in the first week of June 2019. $30, 419.58 (Price after dealer discount and Rebate) + $1,873.12 (State & Local Taxes) + $357.00 (License and Fees) + $299.00 (Documentation Fee) ______________________________ $32,948.70 (Out The Door Price) We...