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    What is the plastic thing in the trunk?

    This gave me a chuckle! I also have a masters in engineering and am OCD enough to hate things ever being out of place... yet I have now entirely given up trying to get this thing back (neither the pump hose back in the slot, the cord back in the cubby, nor the entire thing back in it's "spot") ...
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    Lease a 2015 eGolf SEL now or wait for the 2016 eGolf SEL?

    I agree there is "a lot right" with even the eGolf. For instance, I love the look of the car and I love the feel of the drive. If I forget the center console and most electronic systems of the car, I love it. That's why I said I want the 2016 eGolf and not a different 2016 car :-) Everyone's...
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    Lease a 2015 eGolf SEL now or wait for the 2016 eGolf SEL?

    You can get a great deal on a 2015, but I desperately wish I had waited. The nav/audio/menu system on the 2015 is terrible. Support for Apple's CarPlay system would be a HUGE plus for me. I also expect that many of the little weird/wrong thing of the 2015 should be fixed like not being able to...
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    Free to charge at work..Time to lease an e-Golf?

    Ya, it sounds like you're ready! I completely agree... the golf was actually the first electric car (that I could afford) that I thought looked nice AND was electric! Word of warning: you'll get a great deal if you buy a 2015 right now... but I very much wish I would have waited for the 2016...
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    Free to charge at work..Time to lease an e-Golf?

    I currently change all of the time at work. It was one of the main reasons I bought the car. However, even if free charging at work were to end today, I would still be happy I leased my e-golf. When you look at the electricity costs per mile of driving, it is still SIGNIFICANTLY lower than the...
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    new carnet web site...

    You are right that the vertical axis is not claiming to show (the much more useful) miles/kWh... however if it's showing kWh as it says, it's important to note that it's still wrong. You can pretty quickly see this by switching back and forth between the "consumption" and "distance" charts. For...
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    new carnet web site...

    I doubt they changed the actual stored times. I would strongly guess the new site just displays all times as eastern time, and thus you probably should keep it at 10am. But you'll know tomorrow :-) [well, that is, if delayed charging actually works at all]
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    new carnet web site...

    Is it possible they made this site worse?! Here is my list of problems I found during about the first 2 minutes of use: 1) need to reset password upon first log in, and no special characters are allowed (and to add to the stupidity of that requirement, the message that comes up when you try to...
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    Wrong way driver warnings

    I've had my car about 5 months now, and I've seen a pop up message (on both console as well as center display) maybe 5 times now about a wrong way driver on some road (usually in CA, almost never local to me). Does anyone know where the car pulls this info from? Will it show other useful...
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    Location of charging port

    Yes, it does seem to be a relatively common charge port location (probably based on where gas caps used to be)... but I will say that in my office, one set of standard chargers (installed in the past year or so) do not have a long enough cord to reach when I am parked in the stall on the right...
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    Location of charging port

    Given an option, I'd much prefer a front, driver side charge port. I think it depends on the location of your charger, but for most public chargers, a front port is much easier. I have had at least a few experiences where the charger cable did not reach my charge port until I backed in.
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    always 72!

    My opinion: If you're buying the car for the electronic feature (nav system, infotainment system, app control, etc) wait for the 2016. If you just want a nice looking, fun electric car (and you can get a good deal), buy it now. I have lots of complaints about the car, but if I forget about all...
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    Bosch charger at home vs. Chargepoint?

    How do you know the Chargepoint Home charger is cheaper? I cannot find any pricing info for it! (It is certainly nicer looking).
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    "infotainment" needs a lot of work

    This is good stuff. Thanks for the laugh!
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    "infotainment" needs a lot of work

    Yes, I agree. I see very very little chance that it would be a software upgrade. My best hope is that the overall side/frame of MIBII looks similar, and that maybe it could be a hardware swap. But then I'd guess the new unit to be priced WAY higher than I could ever justify just to get a nice...
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    "infotainment" needs a lot of work

    Welcome! You are right about this system feeling 1.0. Honestly, I think given it anything above 0.8 is being very nice. I certainly never use the nav system (something I was excited to have since my previous car was 12 years old). I find my iPhone nav system connected to bluetooth provides a...
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    $400 check from VW for car-net charge scheduling issue

    Wow, that's surprising. How did you complain about this? Since it's an ongoing problem that affects every customer, it seems we should all receive the same thing. (If only it were a fair world!)
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    car "started" but not "ready"

    I was actually in situation where I needed to do this yesterday (to keep talking on the phone over bluetooth). I decided that I would just keep the car on in park. I happened to also keep the AC system on because I wanted it, but I am guessing that with the car "on" but the AC system off, there...
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    Cracked windshield

    You bring up a very interesting problem here that I hadn't considered before. Luckily I no longer live in an area that is very prone to windshield cracks, but I do wonder how this changes a routine windshield repair/replacement. I wonder if the insurers have any exclusions in place for coverage...
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    VW Car-Net Owner Satisfaction Survey

    I got one. They got an earful from me too! I haven't given someone scores that low on a survey in a long time!