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    Not able to engage Cruise Control

    Also, don't forget that the "+" and "-" buttons give you 5 mph speed increments too.
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    Stupid things that I learned after 22 months of ownership.

    So much that I agree with in this thread. 1. PHEV's that slow charge shouldn't clog the L2 and up public EVSE's. 2. No EV should camp out at a public station for any reason. Charge and move. 3. Longer range cars are needed as more EV's are built, purchased and utilized. The infrastructure...
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    Charging fault, charging port locked and won't let go

    That's why I posted a quick vid, I was thinking the same thing. User beware, not responsible for too much machismo! Oh and don't forget to say, "HEYYY!" when you do it.
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    Charging fault, charging port locked and won't let go

    I finally had this issue this morning on my 2015 e-Golf. The dreaded red light of not wanting to unlock. I did a full scan of the car with my VCDS but didn't want to manually push the locking pin to retract if I didn't have too. The car sat all day yesterday as I drove my beater 2004 VW R32...
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    Performance e-Golf Forum Needed

    Race Car Specs from the Hong Kong E-Touring Challenge utilizing the e-Golf.
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    Performance e-Golf Forum Needed
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    Performance e-Golf Forum Needed

    Until they are more popular any performance from tuners, etc will be minimum. I do believe they have an e-Golf cup in Europe though. Might have to find some brains to pick over there. I just found the Facebook group so I will do some digging . I have brought mine to an 1/8th mile drag strip...
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    2018 Review in Canada

    I was thinking the same thing but since I was posting from my phone I just went with it. It is a shame he didn't educate himself with the car more prior to driving it. I mean, comparing it to a City Golf, a 10 year old City Golf! That was a little comical. It would have also been nice if he...
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    2018 Review in Canada
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    eGolf - Lease or Buy

    If you don't plan on driving more than 12,000 miles per year a lease is your best option. If you plan on driving more than that then look for a used or certified pre-owned e-Golf and go from there. I have already put 15K on mine in 8 months and went with the CPO option. The leases don't offer...
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    2017 e-Golf - Slow charging at some L3 Chargers

    I have found that the heavier cords on the Level 3 CCS/SAE Combo plugs don't always lock in 100% and fail to charge or stop charging early. I have started supporting the cord when possible so the weight it not pulling down on the locking mechanism. I will post some pictures when I can but you...
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    e-Golf. Will it family? 4up or 5up?

    I have a family of 5 and we can fit 3 car seats across the back. 2 Diono Monterry seats on the outside and an infant rear facing in the middle. Kids never complained about the a/c.
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    Fully Charged, Range Only 36 Miles. What Is Going On?

    Driving Over 60 MPh does increase the drain greatly. You said you were tracking it, so you were most likely driving around 80+ all the time. At a constant of 80, you are looking at a 2 m/kwh kind of average and that will show up on the 'range-o-meter' as around 40 mile range. The range o...
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    Fully Charged, Range Only 36 Miles. What Is Going On?

    I took the e-Golf to the VW/AUDI Deliverance 2017 track day, that's what! It was awesome. Car understeers a bit a and those low resistance tires were screaming pretty much anytime they weren't straight. I will try to link some pictures and videos from my Facebook or Youtube if I can...
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    Most Miles You Have Driven In One Single Day?

    Didn't see this on the search and I know we have some folks on here with some cleverly planned trips to get some distance out of the e-Golf. So, that brings up the question, what are the most miles you have driven your e-Golf in one day? How many charges, Average MPH, Average M kwh and longest...
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    20K Maintenance

    Drive mine every day on rural country roads and highways and I see 80-110 miles per charge in all weather. Just because others don't drive like you or utilize the same type of roads as you do with their e-Golf doesn't make it wrong. I have a 66 mile round trip daily and I average 54 MPH, get...
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    Illinois e-Golf owner?

    When did you purchased your car? A friend of mine is working over there and he didn't recomand me. Fox valley Schaumburg or West Chicago? January 3, 2017. Fox Valley in St. Charles, IL. I assume that is the West Chicago one? Your friend didn't recommend you?
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    2016 e Golf won't charge

    If it is the charger that comes with the car than it is only a level 1 charger. Definitely not considered the 'fast charger'
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    Illinois e-Golf owner?

    I actually bought my car from an Illinois dealer, Fox Valley VW! It was Certified Pre-owned and previously registered in NJ but somehow they had it. I had it shipped to NC though. Hopefully the 2017.5/2018 VW e-Golf will be nationwide as anticipated. That will help get all service...
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    2017 On Sale In Germany and Latest EPA Rating

    From the e-Golf forum home page: From Automotive News: Things I would like to...