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    Advice for buying a used E-Golf

    Anyone looking to sell/cancel their lease early needs to be certain of the economic cost. Technically, if you don't own/lease the vehicle for at least 36 months (it might be shorter, but there is a timeframe in the requirements) you forfeit the $1500 California incentive. They are supposed to...
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    Talk me out of buying a new 2017 SE e-Golf

    There isn't any point in taking my comments out of context. We are talking about VW leases (or at least I was), not Nissan leases, and the financial differences between leasing versus financing--not the legal or theoretical limits of a lease (and to be clear, it's not true that one "owns" a...
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    2017 e-Golf USA Model (inc. window sticker)

    As far as I could tell, the differences between the LE and SEL are LED headlights and the digital dash (option). I'm surprised at the price tag on that car without the digital dash. It doesn't seem like VW is trying to sell these yet.
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    Talk me out of buying a new 2017 SE e-Golf

    Yes, if you qualify for the $4,000 credit bonus and you qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit, then that makes buying in this particular circumstances better. If neither of those apply, however, you're better off leasing because the full $7,500 will pass through to you. People need to...
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    Talk me out of buying a new 2017 SE e-Golf

    That's where we're at. If VW keeps dragging their feet we'll have to get an eTron or possibly a Kia Niro. Although, I am tempted to give the 125 range a try for 3 years but this time I might just wait until they're giving them away at the end of the year again.
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    Talk me out of buying a new 2017 SE e-Golf

    The California rebate wasn't a tax rebate, it was a rebate check from the state so it was a given. Now I think it's income dependent but still a given as long as you're within the correct income bracket. I believe the first month's lease payment is normally included in drive-off fees and down...
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    Talk me out of buying a new 2017 SE e-Golf

    $17,965 ($11,000 + $6965 [$199x35]) - $2500 California EV rebate.
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    Talk me out of buying a new 2017 SE e-Golf

    I got a similar deal leasing a 2016 SE. We pay $199 per month and with an $11,000 residual my wife and I would end up paying $15,465 out of pocket total (and that's including a $500ish wear and tear warranty). I grew up thinking the same everyone else seems to have in regards to leasing vs...
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    Taking over lease question - 15 eGolf SEL

    Mine was $0 and $0 fees of any in, I gave my signature and drove off the lot.
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    Taking over lease question - 15 eGolf SEL

    The 2015 would annoy me with the bugs and dependency on carnet for certain settings. But the 2016 SE won't always have quick charge capability since that came late in the year as an option. But my 2016 SE is 195 per month so I don't know how much better off a deal you can get.
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    2018: Keep, upgrade, swap, or return e-Golf

    Our lease ends in October and we'll only keep it if VW gives it to us (for like $6K). I doubt that will happen and I'm not even sure we'll be seeing 200ish mile range eGolfs so this is likely our last. I'm going to be looking at the Bolt and Kia Niro PHEV...or maybe an eTron depending on what a...
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    e-Golf. Will it family? 4up or 5up?

    I can't trust that list comparing the Volt to the Golf. The front seats were uncomfortable and the rear was useless for adults compared to our eGolf. I haven't seen a Bolt yet. I want to test a Bolt and a Kia Niro EV or PHEV.
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    Battery upgrade upon replacement

    That doesn't seem like good economy. $6K difference in exchange for three year older technology and worse interest rates. In any case, I would not expect that from VW. They aren't going to offer larger packs. In fact, I think they will change the chassis from MQB by then anyway.
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    Ontario, Canada. Volks dealerships are inconsistent

    There is no liability issues posting sales quotes. If someone told you they heard about someone being sued over doing so they were confused and didn't have all the details. If you post a sales quote along with a claim that someone is a liar or a thief, then you could be subject to a lawsuit...
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    VW Marketing $199/Month for 36-mo Lease in 11 States

    I don't think EVs constitute "a sale is a sale" in traditional terms. Additionally, they have to consider the cost of support. Are the dealers over there even certified e-dealers? Even in San Diego there are only a couple body repair shops that are certified to handle the eGolf and so a someone...
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    Realistic Highway Mileage 2017 e-golf

    Does the 2017 have a larger battery than the 2016? Freeway speeds take a significant toll on the battery and the faster you drive, the more of a hit the range will take (that is, it's not linear). Also, in Jan/Feb the cold temperature will take a considerable chunk out of your range. You'll...
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    Charging from TT-30 socket at RV campgrounds

    Can you change the current yourself like an OpenEVSE? It sounded like they had to set it from the factory for him. I thought the juicebox was a fork from OpenEVSE not sure why they made it less user configurable if that's the situation. Do they have a phone app to change settings? Mine has an...
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    Charging from TT-30 socket at RV campgrounds

    GlennD says in this thread that he tested an OpenEVSE and was able to charge at 30A 120V on his eGolf. If you want to try the one GlennD made for me and it doesn't work for you then you can send it back and I'll refund the $300 so you'd...
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    Charging from TT-30 socket at RV campgrounds

    Finally found you a TT-30 adapter: With that one you could charge at whatever rate the eGolf charger caps at or 240V with the 14-50 using either the EVSE I have or a Juice Box. Even if you can only...