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    How to resynchronize a new key fob ?

    One of the key fobs for my 2016 SEL stopped working. (Even with a new battery, after cleaning the contacts.) So I ordered a new fob online from a VW dealer that offered a discount. I assumed that I could synch it myself following the instructions in the Owner's Manual (page 47) entitled...
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    Ignition on and charger connected

    Problem is solved after a lot of attempts with pressing the brake with repeated ignition presses. After several unsuccessful tries it finally turned off the ignition and then I was able to remove the charger. Seems like this must have been a random computer glitch.
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    Ignition on and charger connected

    I stupidly tried to start the car before disconnecting the charger, but now I cannot recover. Ignition is on and I cannot turn it off. Clicking key or repeated pressing ignition button do not do anything. Charger is locked and pressing unlock on the key fob has no effect because the ignition is...
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    High-voltage discharge while car is not used

    Still using the original Varta AGM
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    High-voltage discharge while car is not used

    1. the car was not locked most of the time, just sitting in the garage and getting charged when necessary 2 and 4. I did not keep close track of numbers, but typically when the range got down to 30-40 miles I would plug in the level 2 charger and after a few hours it was up to 60-80, This was...
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    High-voltage discharge while car is not used

    My 2016 SEL got a new set of tires for Christmas so I had to reset the tire pressure monitor setting. About the same time this was done I started to notice a loss of range while the car was parked in the garage. The guess-o-meter dropped 5-10 miles a day. Power was off and there were no visible...
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    How does the motor/accelerator pedal work?

    Driving my 2016 SEL I have started to wonder how the motor speed and torque are controlled. My simple concept is that the speed (RPM) of a DC motor is more-or-less proportional to voltage and the torque proportional to the amps, but this is obviously naive. The e-Golf speed varies over a wide...
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    Hello all - new 2018 e-Golf owner (with charging question)

    You are missing something obvious unless the 2018 is radically different from the 2016. Forget car-net and look at the e-manager options on the car menu. You set the departure time and % charge. The start time is computed by the car based on the state of charge. As far as I know it will start...
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    Hello all - new 2018 e-Golf owner (with charging question)

    Welcome to the MA e-Golf owners group, which is pretty small compared to CA. You should be able to achieve your charging objective in off-peak hours using the car's e-manager. Just set your departure time for 5 a.m. or whatever is the end of the off-peak hours.
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    Is service required for warranty?

    My 2016 SE only has 6k miles, but it will be two years old in December. It's never been back to the dealer for service. I'm wondering if there are any concerns about the warranty if I wait another year or two. I have read and re-read the warranty/maintenance manual, which is ambiguous on this...
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    e golf 2016 owners manual digital copy

    I second the motion, would greatly appreciate if there's a download available for the 2016.
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    Charging the 12V battery if car is not driven much

    The 12v battery on my 2016 SEL is an AGM (applied glass mat). It has very low internal resistance and will not self-discharge substantially over several months. My car was in the garage for 7 weeks this summer, and started up normally when I got home.
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    Optimum charging to maximize battery life

    That's a great resource. How do you time the charge? Thanks to your suggestion I discovered that there is an option to reduce the maximum charge (Figure 140B on page 272 of the Owner's Manual). That seems ideal as long as I remember to select a different setting when I need more range.
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    Optimum charging to maximize battery life

    Our 2016 SEL is a joy, and we hope to keep it for many years. We charge at home, with a Level 2 EVSE (Clipper Creek 24 amp). What is a good strategy for when to re-charge, if it is not essential to do so? Is it helpful to run the battery down to some level like 50%, or to charge it more...