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    Volkswagen investing $10-mil into US charging infrastructure

    Does this hint at a nationwide rollout of the e-Golf? Why else would VW invest so much across the whole nation? Full article:
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    VW Video: Charging the e-Golf
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    VW Video: Controlling your e-Golf with the smartphone app
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    VW video: Driving and Regen modes in the e-Golf
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    WhatCar compares e-Golf and BMW i3

    Their overall review covers points they are 'for' and 'against' for each vehicle: Volkswagen e-Golf For Great to drive; well equipped; spacious inside Against Ride isn’t as good as standard Golf’s; not as quick as the i3 Verdict The most convincing electric car yet BMW i3 For Impressive...
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    'The Hooniverse' review of 2015 e-Golf

    If you can put up with the soundtrack and suffer through the beginning, it's actually a pretty good review!
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    Buyers of e-Golf. Did you pay MSRP full price?

    SfEvR - I'd love to hear more about your Golf - how long have you had it? What do you like about it? etc. Feel free to start a new post rather than taking over this thread...
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    Video of first e-Golf delivery in US

    “We are really excited about the launch of the Volkswagen e-Golf” said the LAcarGUY boss, “Volkswagen is “The People’s Car”, and with the e-Golf, we now have an electric car for everyone" The first Volkswagen e-Golf owner in the US, Sabri Sansoy, says: "I’ve driven an electric car for the past...
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    What Charging Lead is provided on purchase

    This is from the VW site: Found on this page: In the 'driving features' section, click the right arrow to see the next slide.
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    Only 1 rim available for e-Golf, it's one I don't care for

    I notice the Golf EV is a 4 door, while the other Golf pictured is 2 door - plus the eGolf has a heavy battery pack. Is it possible the Astansa wheels don't have the weight rating needed to go on the EV?
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    July 2014 sales in Europe reach 456

    Just found info that the e-Golf sold 467 times in Norway in August, with 925 being sold so far this year in that country alone. Looks like Volkswagen found a hit!
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    July 2014 sales in Europe reach 456

    The e-Golf has been on sale for a few months in most European countries. Total sold so far this year is 799, with 456 being in July. Looks like sales are picking up fast!
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    Official VW specifications document

    From the Volkswagen USA press release site 2015 e-Golf Technical Specifications Electric Motor Type Horsepower (SAE), hp 115 Maximum...
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    Which dealers in the US will be selling the e-Golf?

    Hi Ron, I heard a similar story. All we know for sure is "starting in November 2014 at participating dealers in select states"
  15. M reviews the e-Golf,

    According to AutoCar, the Volkswagen e-Golf is the same price as the Nissan Leaf (when purchased outright), but is a more polished machine, with "a more refined and even more effortless drivetrain and notably better driving dynamics" Interesting, and apparently a feature to this reviewer, is...
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    VW lease price is $299 per month

    I just saw this on InsideEVs and came to post it, but you beat me to it!
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    VW lease price is $299 per month

    During the press release yesterday, Volkswagen let it slip that the lease price will be $299 per month. No indication as to the down payment, or mileage, terms etc... "We’re still hunting down the details…though we now...
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    Launch still on target?

    According to a VW press release yesterday, the e-Golf goes on sale at "participating dealers in November". There is no indication as to what participating dealers means, or what states those dealers will be in...
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    New User Intro..

    Moonroof or sunroof would be nice, but I think it was the BMW i3 that didn't get the sunroof in North America and did everywhere else. I forget why, but a similar thing might happen to the e-Golf too although I hope not (fingers crossed)
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    Volkswagen e-Golf: VW's video on intelligent heating system

    There was talk of a heated windshield (good) but no mention of zone specific heating like the Kia Soul EV, or even a heated steering wheel. Guess we'll have to wait until we can pre-order and they give us a list of options and available features... then we'll know for sure.