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    I paid $400 for high quality ceramic tint for everything BUT the windshield. So $500 w/windshield is fair. Don't go with cheap tint. It will bubble and peel.
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    What does CPO mean for eGolf?

    When I bought out the lease on my eGolf, I submitted it for the CPO process. It does go through a checklist of inspection items (same as in your link), and they did replace the wiper blades and the two front tires. My bumper to bumper warranty was extended to 5 years/60k miles as a result of...
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    Portable cable charger - lease return

    I wonder if the OP is talking about the L2 (240 volt) EVSE that usually is not included with the car (though a dealer might throw one in as part of a deal)? That is not required to be returned. But the L1 (120 volt) one is part of the car and should be returned with it.
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    The only factory accessory I know of that's different on the eGolf are the floor mats. The ones from gas/diesel Golfs will NOT fit the eGolf, due to a pronounced hump beneath the seats that extends out into the footwell. The eGolf's front floor mats are smaller for that reason.
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    Tesla wall charger to charge the egolf

    At $500 it's also over twice as expensive. That would be fine if you don't already have an L2 EVSE at home. But if you do, and just need to charge using someone's Tesla L2 EVSE, the J1772 adapter and/or Go Cable are more value-priced solutions.
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    Buying a 2016 e golf: is CPO worth it?

    The big advantage with the CPO is the included warranty extension, which extends the original 3 year/36k mile bumper to bumper warranty to 5 years/60k; all other warranties remain the same. You do get some level of reconditioning, but that will vary by specific car. Ask to see the CPO checklist...
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    Tesla wall charger to charge the egolf

    Teslas sold in Europe use a Mennekes port like most EU-spec EV's (older Leafs being a notable exception, not sure about the 2018's) so that's why the person who made the video can plug a Tesla Wall Connector directly into an eGolf. For Tesla Destination Chargers and Wall Connectors in North...
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    The eGolf uses the same basic body shell as the 5 door hatchback versions. The Sportwagen/Alltrack/"Variant" (German name)/"Estate" (UK name) use the station wagon body shell. S/SE/SEL are just trim level names and I believe are only used for the US market cars.
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    EVSE cable shows fault after 1:10 seconds

    If it’s the “Delphi” branded EVSE, it is NOT compatible with 240 volts out of the factory. So there’s a good chance it got fried. It’s definitely not the car if it charges from a dedicated public L2 station. If you need a new 120 volt EVSE, the Delphi is basically a Clipper Creek PCS-15 built...
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    To Buy or Not to Buy... Only access to regular 120V Chargers

    Before, you buy or lease, I highly recommend renting an EV (any EV) through Turo and trying it out for yourself. The big unknown is whether your electrical supply will cause the EVSE (often incorrectly called the "charger") to throw faults, preventing the car from being charged. You do NOT want...
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    Volkswagen E Golf. Do you agree?

    You have to understand that the eGolf came out as a 2015 model, and the original 24 kWH battery was the same as that of the Leaf of that time period. Putting in a bigger battery would have made the car unaffordable; as it was the 2015 SEL stickered for around $36k. At that time, only Tesla and...
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    Charging speed and degradation

    It's known that the faster you charge, the more heat you generate, and heat kills Lithium batteries. However you have to balance that with your personal requirements, and of course the capacity of your electrical panel. Your eGolf won't accept anything more than 7.2 kW which is 30 amps @ 240...
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    charger failure/VW policy failure

    They may not be on the map as their EVSE may not be available for public use. But they have to have one, otherwise it makes it difficult to maintain an inventory of EV's (even if just one) due to test drives, diagnostic reasons, and also so the customer isn't having to find a charging station as...
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    Volkswagen Confirms Sales Of e-Golf In Canada In 2020

    Dealership asking prices don't reflect actual transaction prices but are still going to be considerably higher than their trade-in offer. The car's true value will be somewhere in-between. My sympathies re the family situation. I have an elderly father that I too help care for and while he...
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    Volkswagen Confirms Sales Of e-Golf In Canada In 2020

    I agree, you can't use a dealer trade in offer to get a true feel of the car's depreciation. Dealers will ALWAYS low-ball you, and if you think they gave you a fantastic offer, they simply added the difference to the other side of the purchase contract. A quick check on is showing the...
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    Value perception

    I know a few people with Model 3's and the build quality issues are not "overblown" nor are they limited to early production models. Nothing that affects the safety or driveability of the car, but when you spend that kind of money and wait weeks if not months (or years in one person's case as he...
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    Standard EVSE cordset: 240 capable?

    Are you sure about that? Clipper Creek makes no dual-voltage EVSE's. The only OEM ones that I am aware of are ones from Tesla, and the 2018+ Nissan Leaf (which is now optional for lower trim levels). A company called EVSE Upgrade does convert the 120 volt OEM EVSE to dual voltage for certain...
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    Range specs

    The EPA range estimate is based on a standardized test that includes some amount of city driving, so yes regen braking is taken into account. Even in "D" mode, if you apply the brakes, regen braking is first used unless the battery is full (and thus can't take more charge) or unless the braking...
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    Max amperage of on-board charger?

    You likely don't have a 2015 model. All US 2015 models had the 7.2 kW charger with CCS port. SE didn't come out until the 2016 model year. And no there is no easy way to upgrade a 3.6 kW model to a 7.2 kW model. It's easier to trade in the car for a 2016 SE+QC, and probably cheaper too.
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    Calling all egolf and Tesla owners

    The First Amendment only applies to government's attempt to silence free speech. It does not apply to private entities, and especially privately-owned social media sites such as this one. Don't believe me, starting posting what FB and Twitter think is "hate speech" (which may not be the same...