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  1. J

    The Trip Odometer

    Yes I have read the manual and tried every imaginable combination. But can't get the the trip odometer to display or reset. (0.0) button center of dash. Short Press, Medium Press, nothing. Log press will allow me to adjust the clock. What am I missing? Thanks.
  2. J

    Buying an "almost" new 2015 E-Golf

    Hello group. Hope you don’t mind me sharing my E-Golf sales story here. Don’t know of any other place on the “Nets” that would appreciate it more. Back in the day I put 100K+ on a leased 1997 Honda EV+. By far the best car I have ever driven, until the all knowing Honda crushed it. You can see...
  3. J

    A fun Mapping tool

    Not sure how helpful it might be. But fun all the same.
  4. J

    iPhone 5/6 lightning MDI Cable?

    Looks like the earlier 2015 eGolfs use a MDI to lighting cable with a "green" collar (5N0 035 554 Q) The newer ones need a "white" collar (00 051 446 Q)