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    Anyone have backlash in their drivetrain? (motor mount?)

    Sometimes after decelerating/regenerative braking, when get back on the throttle, there is a clunk feeling - like there's play/slop in the drivetrain when the parts are loaded from deceleration to acceleration. It's not violent, but noticeable. Feels like a bad motor mount. If it were my...
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    suspension rattle from rear - what is it?

    My dealer is replacing the rear sway bar links. They finally heard the noise, put 'chassis ears' on the car to figure out what was rattling, and determined the links were the problem. Next week we'll know for sure after they replace them. BTW, the replaced my right A-pillar cover and that...
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    suspension rattle from rear - what is it?

    How long has it been since the rattle went away? I'm pretty sure it's the rear sway bar end links. When the weather got really hot a few weeks ago, the rattle was greatly diminished. Now it's back with vengence. I'm just too lazy to take the time off work to drop it off at the dealer.
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    Found my battery's aging %, seems low -- or is it?

    There's another parameter you can look at too and that's the KWh capacity of the pack after fully charged. Mine with ~5K miles was (IIRC) 31060 watt hrs. I should pull my #'s again as I'm at 13K miles now.
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    Charging timer issues

    Thanks for that tip. I haven't experienced timer issues, but how to do a hard reboot of the infotainment I'm sure will come in handy some day.
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    Under Hood Tour

    9 is the windshield washer fluid feed. Also you have a heat pump (the bundle of aluminum lines under the coolant bottle). Non heat pump models have a lot less tubing there.
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    Charging Door Won't Open

    Wow that's a high labor charge. Anyone know if the mechanism is the same as the gasser version? If so, are they seeing failures too? Or just us because we have to open the flap so much more.
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    Does the 2019 use different wiper blades?

    I have a 2019 eGolf and RockAuto doesn't list Bosch wiper blades for it but they do for a 2018. Did VW change the wiper blades in the 2019? Autozone lists some Bosch replacements for the 2019 with an OE in the part number (which RockAuto doesn't carry unfortunately). Anyone else with a 2019...
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    suspension rattle from rear - what is it?

    My 2019 has a rattle that is coming from the rear of the car (sounds like it anyways). At speed I can't hear it as the road noise drowns it out, but around parking lots it's decently loud. I've tried to notice if it's worse on turns (nope), straight ahead (yes) and what type of road...
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    How to remove A-pillar cover? 2019 eGolf

    FWIW, a few weeks ago I tried to remove the front right A pillar cover to try and get rid of the intermittent rattle. I was able to get to the upper metal clip but wasn't able to slide it down to remove it. Finally gave up after trying for a while. Bummer. I was hoping to get rid of that...
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    Speed governor

    No idea but I hope someone figures it out soon. It's one of the reasons I miss my TDI.
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    larger 12v battery

    I don't think so. As soon as your turn the motor power on, there's a 200A DC-DC converter to charge the +12V battery and power the accessories. There's no starter motor on our cars, so no cranking demand. No glow plugs like my TDI either.
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    e-Golf was repaired

    You should take it back to the body shop that did the repair. It's their responsibility to make your car whole again.
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    eGolf feels....wobbly?

    No such feeling with my 2019 SE with stock wheels and tires. And pretty much all my driving is freeway. Very stable. I just wish the steering feel wasn't so light.
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    Constant squealing noise while moving

    Probably a rock got between the rotor and the dust shield.
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    FWIW, I've only looked at mine at rest after a 50 mile freeway drive with 20% charge remaining and all cells were < 0.1V of each other. This was at ~5000 miles. After 100% charge, they were even closer together, which you'd expect.
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    Are you asking if anyone has installed factory mud flaps themselves? If so then yes and read the post above yours to see my reply.
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    Found my battery's aging %, seems low -- or is it?

    I think mine read 1.12E6 also. The ECU I think has some bogus values entered for some of the registers. Don't know if it's because the data isn't filled in but the conversion to human readable makes it gibberish, or its necessary for some other calculation. Edit: mine read 1.3953E6 Wh. My...
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    Purchasing a Used eGolf?

    Same here, same deal. Love the car, wish it had more range or at least a solid, dependable range on the freeway (it's quite variable depending on traffic and elevations changes)
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    Inspection Due... 2,500 mi??

    Mine was doing the same thing. Figured the dealer didn't reset the time from the manufacture date vs the sell date. I went ahead and did the reset per the owner's manual.