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    Error: Electrical System. Stop!

    Good to know. By "standard" dongle do you mean an OBD2 bluetooth dongle?
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    Error: Electrical System. Stop!

    I wish I had taken pictures, thanks for the good advice, will check the 12 V battery. Good to know it was likely only drawing 40kw, however, it had this little electrical system freak out after I had stopped the charging process at the "pump". I waited for the charging indicator on the car to go...
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    Error: Electrical System. Stop!

    I bought a used 2017, been driving it for months now. Never had any issues. Did my first fast charge at 50kw/h only to about 65% according to the charger. Got the error message several times when trying to start the car. Spent 20 minutes trying to get through to someone at the local VW...
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    Faster Level 1 Charger

    Okay fellow e-golf owners, I am so glad I found this thread. For my daily driving/commuting charging with the level 1 charger is just fine for me. (I am holding off on installing my 32A level 2 charger for now as I have other electrical work and appliance upgrades in my home I want to do all at...