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    A few questions

    I think what looks like a camera in the area behind the rear view mirror is used for the rain sensing wipers, but High Beam Assist and Road Sign Assist probably use it too. (My SEL doesn't have those options). I expect they put common hardware in and use it for multiple functions.
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    How does the motor/accelerator pedal work?

    EV drivetrains use AC induction motors, first invented by Nikola Tesla (hence Musk's company's name). There are no permanent magnets - instead the rotor sits in a ring of electromagnets. The speed with which the rotor rotates is determined by the frequency of the AC supplied to the...
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    Brake Energy Recuperation aka Regenerative Braking Wears Out Brake Pads?

    To answer the OP, I bet the salesperson is confusing the fact that the brake *lights* come on when using B and you lift off the accelerator. In a modern EV, that doesn't mean the friction brakes have been applied, just that the regen is enough that it will appear to the car behind that the...
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    I have a technical question about coasting. A coil of wire moving in a magnet is going to generate electricity, so if it's not being used to recharge the batteries, where would it go? I'm pretty sure that if it was just being dumped somewhere (like into a big resistor) there would still be drag...
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    Accidents and lease returns ? and buyout for that matter

    I got T-boned in my 2015. No airbags either but they ended up replacing both door skins and the entire passenger side panel because the whole panel was only $50 more than the rear quarter panel. All the work was done at a VW approved shop and paid for by the other party. When it was done you...
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    Charging fault, charging port locked and won't let go

    I have to say, this is one big improvement on the 2107 model. I just changed from my 2015 to a 2017 and the unlocking of the charge cable is much more reliable. I often had to manually shut off the charger and then re-unlock the car, sometimes many times, to get the light to go out and the...
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    Sticky tires on the E-golf, my report

    I just finished the lease on my 2015 SEL and rolled over into a 2017 SEL lease. One thing I noticed at the new car pick up was that the brand of tire had changed. I can't remember now what the new one has, but I remember it being different. Of course, they're still skinny, low rolling resistance...
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    2017/2018 with digital dash ?

    I know I'm the other side of the country, but Minuteman VW in Bedford MA has one SEL with the Driver Assistance Package listed as being in their inventory. It has no picture, so it may still be on the ship, not actually on the lot. I might go and check it out, but it's got the beige interior...
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    Key Fob Battery Life

    I just started getting the warning on my primary key after just less than 18 months and just under 10,000 miles. I'm going to switch to the other key and see if that has more juice left in it.
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    Is charging the eGolf at ChargePoint locations free?

    Sure, the app might not be 100% reliable, but it will at least show the OP where to go and look for potential free charging without a lecture on the morality of using free chargers where they're available.
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    Passenger seat occupancy sensor

    That sounds overly sensitive to me. I had some groceries on the front seat the other day including a carton of milk and it didn't trigger the occupancy sensor.
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    Is charging the eGolf at ChargePoint locations free?

    I don't know why some in this thread have a hard time just answering the original question... The ChargePoint app tells you whether a charger is free or paid. You should be able to search around the areas you go to and find out before you travel. FWIW, I used a ChargePoint at Logan Airport in...
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    Who reserved a Tesla Model 3?

    I've got a fairly good idea how many were sold; 4,232 in 2015 and only 612 in the first quarter of 2016. 116,597 EVs were sold in the US in 2015 of which 25,700 were Tesla Model S, so yes, Tesla is working through their 200,000 units much faster than VW is. None of that changes the fact that...
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    Who reserved a Tesla Model 3?

    From earlier in this thread: And as for the silliness of comparing MSRP, the prior point you were making was that the Model 3 would be $10k more than the eGolf "simply because the tax credits will be all used up". They may be $10K less because VW has to discount their cars to shift them off the...
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    Who reserved a Tesla Model 3?

    eGolf SE MSRP $28,995 eGolf SEL MSRP $35, 595 Model 3 MSRP $35,000 Before any tax credits. And from what I understand, the tax incentive tapers off quarter by quarter after the manufacturer has delivered 200,000 units, so they should last well into Model 3 deliveries. Not that they're needed...
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    Who reserved a Tesla Model 3?

    Yes, you're right. I think a base spec Model 3 with 200+ mile range at $35k will force lower range cars down in price. Luckily the other manufacturers have a head start so making their next generations cheaper should be possible. I hope it tends to drive the useful range of EVs up though or at...
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    Who reserved a Tesla Model 3?

    I'm not sure the other manufacturers will have to come down in price... The e-Golf SEL is around $35k list, so it the Kia Soul EV and the Leaf and Focus EV are closer to $30k. The range is the big selling point for the Tesla and they can do that thanks to their investment in the Gigafactory...
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    2015-6 e-Golf HVAC 72F fix Tech Tip 87-15-02

    Hmmm... I wonder if I've missed the golden answer from JoulesThief, or is it just RTFM... It's a chance I'm willing to take..! :D
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    2015-6 e-Golf HVAC 72F fix Tech Tip 87-15-02

    I had my car in for the high voltage recall and asked them to do apply TT87-15-02 (mentioned it explicitly) and they ignored me. It's still resetting to 72 twice a day. :evil:
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    Safety Recall 93B4 2015-2016 e-Golf Unexpected Shutdown

    I did tell them the Tech Tip number, but they ignored me. As I've found out in the last two days the Climatronic still goes back to 72 and Auto every time I start up. I used the wording that someone on here used to get them to change it and provided the TT, so I thought I'd done the right thing...