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    Oil Change Interval

    I change the oil twice a year, in spring and autumn, I use Castrol 03084. This oil is not cheap, but rather expensive, but when I change it, it is practically clean, this is a nice bonus. My engine run so quiet that is hard to feel any vibration in my stering wheel.
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    2018 eGolf - Trailer hitch for bike rack (or roof rack)

    I have Yakimaa one ramp, it's perfect for my two Tommaso. Love it but know you can’t use a double hitch if towing from rv or motorhome it’s too wide. Easy to use and satisfied.
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    My grandma has a mobility scooter and it had the same problem with that charger. It appears that the battery was over-discharged and had reached a low level that prevents it from recharging. It happens if a battery drains or doesn't...
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    Solar PV - Save Money & Shrink Carbon Footprint

    To make my life more eco-friendly I also bought a solar generator for small trips, and it also saves my life when the all electricity is off. the second one, ecoflow river. This little thing is fantastic. I own several ecoflow products and this...
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    How I avoid getting ICED in my own driveway in winter

    Do you have underground parking?
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    What is the best exterior color?

    my fav are deep dark green and blue
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    Well. Hello there! Help the noob! (please?)

    Yes please specify the question.
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    Adding a reverse camera.

    I can recommend HD eRapta ERT01 Backup Camera, I've heard a lot of reviews about it, a very nice thing
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    Where do you do your maintenance?

    I also don't bring my e-golf to the dealer. Fortunately, I have a good service not far from my house, I wouldn't trust anyone but them.
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    Will not accept charge.

    Did you try to call the service?
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    Solar PV - Save Money & Shrink Carbon Footprint

    Such a beautiful and big house, solar panels are excellent decisions