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    Not available in PA?

    We live in PA and bought the e-Golf in NJ (Cherry Hill). Paid MSRP, you pay PA Sales Tax upon registration. You cannot qualify for the lease offer - only for purchasing the vehicle due to the inability (VW unwillingness) of getting the $7,500 tax credit on the lease outside any of the 10...
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    Former Vehicles

    2006 Touareg V8 - 12mpg average. We're keeping her for long distance backup car for now :-)
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    Current Incentives?

    ICE rentals are offered in Europe so you're not wrong about it, except it is not part of the US incentives. Part (but not all) of the VW CarNet app will remain free for 3 years (ICE cars get 6 months free, then have to pay; e-Golf owner have to pay as well after 6 months if they want to keep...
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    CCS Chargers New York City area

    Hey EV4NY It is not possible to convert ChaDeMo to CCS - so you will not find any type of "convertor" that will do this. Part of this is that these connections are not "dumb" but to my layman understanding are more akin to an HDMI which negotiates between 2 parties (the car charger and the EVSE)
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    Questions for owners

    1. Not that i know off 2. Yes (both from browser and iOs or Android app). Is not instantaneous 3. I have not used OnStar 4. Voice calls go through my bluetooth linked Android phone 5. Only 6 months free - but parts of the App remain free for e-Golf owners (but not the entire app) 6. Don't think...
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    Business Week calls the e-Golf boring... but it's good!

    Cove3 Apperently all those white ones listed for sale are actually not all white. VW had a glitch causing all e-Golfs to appear as white on their stickers and in their computers. Not all dealers corrected this info on their websites.... I know because we bought reflex silver but our sticker...
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    Extended Warranty on e-Golf?

    E golf2015, we bought at Cherry Hill NJ. The warranty is services through Fidelity Warranty Services. You can buy the extended warranty through any dealership i believe, and you can also look into 3rd party extended warranties if you have the time....
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    Is the real world range really 83 miles?

    The sales person told us they would come in the mail. However, they (2) are in fact included in the welcome package in your glove compartment. Just need to activate them when you get home. Depending on which state you live, it seems to me very beneficial to also sign up for 1 or 2 other...
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    Is the real world range really 83 miles?

    Hey MaximUSA I've now put 300 miles on the car, 70% of that on highway (half of that is congested highway, other half is unobstructed turnpike). There is about a 1000ft of incline and 600ft of decline on that stretch. I'm averaging 3.7 kWh/100 miles which so far puts my range at about 90 miles...
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    Winter Tires?

    I saw on they indicate ground clearance on this car is 5". There are a couple good websites on EV & Winter tire discussions. Many people though indicate LRR tires on say VOLTS perform well in the snow and they held off on winter tires. We're in PA so we get a reasonable amount of...
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    Extended Warranty on e-Golf?

    6yr 60,000 extended warranty we were quoted $1286. I am aware the first 3 years is really covered under warranty at any rate, so i consider this to be the yr 4-6 warranty. I am fairly sceptical on extended warranties; did not get one on my previous car (3yr old Touareg) which in hindsight...
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    Winter Tires?

    I like the idea of putting winter tires on any 2fwd vehicles - any reasons not to for this vehicle? A colleague with a Chevy Volt commented that EV have lower ground clearance and therefor already more problematic to drive in snow. Interested in your thoughts!
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    Is the real world range really 83 miles?

    Drove just under a 100 miles with the car so far. City Driving and Stop-Go traffic is very solid with lots of regeneration happening. Range decrease was only 10 miles after driving 18 miles from dealer to home. This morning drove on the turnpike (65 mph) and achieved less than indicated range...
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    Buyers of e-Golf. Did you pay MSRP full price?

    Paid MSRP. NJ cherry Hill. Dealer indicated he would not price it over MSRP (have seen this already in OR). Was the first e-Golf they sold, he only had it on the lot for 2 days. We register the car in PA so we are not eiligible for the $299 lease offer.....