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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    Definitely let us know what the fix ends up being!
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    sqeaking at low speed in "B" mode (regenerative)

    You may want to go to the dealer. I had a whine/whir noise in B mode when turning on my 2015 SEL. They ended up changing the gearbox fluid and it was quiet again. Strange since that fluid is supposed to last a long time...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    Yep, JX1 module was replaced. They also did the software updates from tech bulletin 87-17-04 and 93-16-02. Fingers crossed that this was the last trip to the dealer for a problem...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    Despite my car being fine for many months after they did a "software update", I had another "electrical system failure, 12V not charging" error the other day when I unplugged from a Chargepoint station. A power cycle brought the car back online, but I took it to the dealer to have them check it...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    I even brought this up to him, and he seemed to think it wasn't possible. I'll just see if I can find a local guy with a VAG-COM
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    Interesting side note. Whatever update they performed disabled my car's ability to raise and lower the windows with the key fob. The tech said that he asked VW what was up, and they said it was disabled for safety reasons. I can still raise/lower via the door handle, but that is much less...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    It looks like that varies greatly. Mine took a day, some people it took weeks.
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    I got the car back today. Supposedly they did two updates the other day. They claim one didn't "stick", which caused the car to not allow charging. They redid the update and the car charges again. I brought up the JX1 replacement and they said my car wasn't throwing the codes that indicate the...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    Update, and not a good one. Car was driving fine last night and today. Got to work this morning and plugged in, charge wouldn't start. Tried another charger, won't charge. Pulled out the plug and got in the car "car is plugged in" uh oh. Power cycled the car, and was able to drive it back to the...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    Man I hope it's not that update, that would be a bummer. But if it helps the car/battery live longer, so be it. I wish the regen on the e-Golf was as aggressive as the i3. I loved how strong BMW had it set...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    I ended up calling the dealer to get their take, and they had me bring it in. They said it had a number of codes stored, and kept it overnight (and gave me a loaner). They called me today and said it's all set, it just needed a software update. I find that odd since it was at the dealer recently...
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    Electrical system failure: Stop!

    My car (2015 SEL, almost 30,000 miles) just did something similar. I had just unplugged my car from the Chargepoint charger near work. "Electrical system failure: Stop!" appeared as soon as I hit the start button, then something about the 12V battery not charging. The car wouldn't move forward...
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    Want a better way to store your portable charge cable?

    I was tired of my 120V portable charge cable just sitting in the trunk. I also have a Muddy Buddy cargo liner, so I couldn't store it under the floor. I fired up 123D Design and came up with my own solution, and 3D printed it at home. It has been working really well for the past few weeks, so...
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    Disabling charge port lock on a 2015 SEL?

    Has anyone found out a way to disable the charge port locking on a 2015 e-Golf SEL? I hate the feature, and I am dreading the day when something fails and the plug is stuck in the car. And based on posts I'm seeing around the web, it seems likely that it could happen to the 2015 model. Thanks
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    Charge port and cable replaced recently

    I am starting to worry that my 2015 e-Golf is heading this way. A Chargepoint level 2 charger I use multiple times a week won't latch into my car anymore. I haven't had a plug get stuck yet, but I'm worried something is going to happen. And my factory warranty expires in December.
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    Found my battery's aging %, seems low -- or is it?

    Has anyone paid for JUST a battery check up? I have no intention of having the dealer do any work on my e-Golf unless they need to, but I want to maintain the battery warranty, and they are the only ones that can "check" the battery. Has anyone had any luck getting just a battery check up done...
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    'Health' error on Car-net but NOT in car ??

    I got the same "error" on my car. Called VW directly, no idea. They said to go to service. Dealer did a full scan on the car, no problems at all. VW really needs to get their crap together with Car Net. This new mobile app update is a huge improvement, but false-errors shouldn't be happening...
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    Noise while charging battery

    I have not heard anything that high pitched yet. Then again, it hasn't really been above 70 degrees yet. I have definitely heard the other more normal sounding mechanical/pump sound when the car is charging, or when I just shut it off.
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    Key Fob Battery Life

    It's pretty common for the current-gen keyless FOBs like the e-Golf to go through battery quickly. The older FOBs didn't "talk" to the car as frequently as the e-Golf one does.
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    Anyone found a stainless brake line kit that works?

    Edit, did some digging in the part diagrams, and it seems that the e-Golf shares the same front brake lines as a 1.8T Golf SEL: 5Q0611701C ; 5QM611701A ...the rear is where it gets different: e-Golf P/N: 5Q0611775G Standard golf P/N: 5Q0611775E ; 5QM611775 Interestingly the rear part...