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    Owner reviews at

    There aren't many places where an owner can review a car, but at you can. I recommend e-Golf owners go there ( to post reviews. A lot of people have complained on this forum about the e-Golf, and yet all the professional reviews are...
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    Send Complaints to VW

    I bought an e-Golf and it has been a series of headaches. I have been complaining to VW about my problems, and I urge anyone reading this to send your complaints. They are responding. They respond slowly, but they do respond. My technical complaints have been mainly about delayed charging, the...
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    $199 annual fee to do delayed charging

    Before I bought the e-Golf, the sales reps assured me that delayed charging was possible from the infotainment screen. Only after I bought the car did I learn that the only way to do delayed charging was through Car-Net, which requires a $199 annual fee. I think that is unacceptable. My 2002...